The Zionists + President Donald Trump = Trouble For Christians – Part II Fred C. Trump

Hello everyone and thank you for coming back. This will be post no. 52 and your still with me, and I just want to say I really appreciate it.

Last post we looked at the connection between the patriarch of the Trump dynasty Friedrich Trump and one of Lucifer’s elites, John D. Rockefeller. So let’s move to Donald’s father Fred C. Trump, and find out what we can about this dude.

First though I think it’s important to introduce to you my readers, the original group of men, I call Lucifer’s elites. It will be important for your research to know the names of the original elites, so you can connect the dots to the men that continue after them. Remember this my friends…with the elites, it’s all in the family. Once you know the names of the Patriarch’s of Lucifers’s Elites, from there just follow the bloodline.

With all this evil in the world today, and all their evil diabolical schemes for a One World Kingdom under Lucifer, the Lord has shown me in my spirit how to group them. This has made it so much easier for me to keep track of all the mayhem. So below is how I personally separate the evil, into groups, and thus far it has worked real well for me…because in fact, there is so much organized evil, coming at us from all directions, it can become real confusing real fast. This is not by any means written in stone, in fact, you may come up with your own grouping, the main thing is while doing your own research, when you put the evil into groups, it’s so much easier to understand what part they are playing in the formation of their utopian One World Beast System. Look at it this way. The Ekklesia, the Congregation of Jesus is His body. Each one of us as believers make up that body…the body of Christ. Each one of us has a special part to play, a certain role of service so to speak, that is working for His Kingdom. He gives each and everyone of us special gifts and talents, that He can use for furthering His Kingdom. Satan has the very same thing. He has his followers, that perform different tasks, and service, but all for the same ultimate result…Lucifer’s kingdom here on earth.

Here’s how I group the evil.

  • Lucifer’s Elites – These are the wealthy of the wealthy. The billionaire club. This is the bank in which satan draws money from to fund all his evil schemes.
  • Satan’s servants– Here I group anyone who actively works against Jesus, they are the many anti-Christ’s. This makes up the largest group by far. In this group I put the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Politicians, Hollywood, the Music Industry, The Sports Industry (NFL etc.) and the list goes on and on. It is this group we openly see at work, unlike Lucifers’s Elites which work in the shadows.
  • The Wolves – These are the religious leaders. Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, and Preachers, who spread the false doctrines of Satan. These I consider to be the most dangerous. They are hard at work to deceive the “church,” not the Congregation…no way! The Congregation cannot be deceived, they follow the Lord wherever He goes. The Ekklesia hears His voice, and they run from any voice that is not His. They are His elect, His Called Out Ones, His Chosen Ones. It is the Congregation that satan hates, and is at battle with. The “church” is easily deceived by the Wolves, so he isn’t concerned with the “church,” he just uses it to pull away believers from the truth. This is the whole point of this blog. My service to the Lord is, to try and pull deceived believers from the “church” and lead them back into the Congregation, by exposing the satanic lies and doctrines that led them astray. And yes I was one that followed and believed a lot of the heresies spread by the Wolves. So my friends BEWARE OF THE WOLVES!!!
  • The Pharisees and Sadducees These I also consider to be extremely dangerous. This is where I put the Zionist of Israel, part of the Synagogue of Satan. They are, but not limited to, the Nascent Sanhedrin, Chabad Lubavitcher’s, Evangelical Zionists, Messianic Jews, Christian Zionist, Torah Jews and Talmudic Rabbis etc. Basically for me I put anyone who supports Israel as a nation of chosen people, or anyone who claims to be a Jew and is not. But mostly I put the religious rabbis and anyone who supports or spreads their false doctrines of satan in this group.

So there you have it. Like I said this is how the Lord showed me the groups so I could understand better. You can come up with your own of course, but either way, when you group the evil, it is so much easier to understand what particular service one is performing for satan.

We left off however looking at if there was, or is now, any relationship between the Trump’s and Lucifer’s Elites. So it’s time to introduce the Patriarch’s of Lucifer’s Elites.

The Patriarch’s of Lucifer’s Elites

The Rothschild agents who founded the Federal Reserve
  while on Jekyll Island in 1913

Well when we talk about Lucifer’s Elites we are talking about the big money, big banking Global Elites. Above in the image are the Photos of the men, the Rothschild agents that began the Federal Reserve in the United States. All of these names are very important to jot down. So below is a list of the big dogs in satan’s money machine. Everything somehow, someway will always tie back to these families.

The Pyramid of Power

Now for those famous bloodlines who control everything. These guys are so rich and powerful, they make Ambani and Gates look like peasants. Their ideologies and connections aren’t known to the public. Which is why we don’t know much about them. Don’t question yourself if you don’t recognise them – that was their plan throughout. 

1. The Astor Bloodline

2. The Bundy Bloodline

3. The Collins Bloodline

4. The DuPont Bloodline

5. The Freeman Bloodline

6. The Kennedy Bloodline

7. The Li Bloodline

8. The Onassis Bloodline

9. The Rockefeller Bloodline

10. The Russell Bloodline

11. The Van Duyn Bloodline

12. The Merovingian Bloodline

13. The Rothschild Bloodline

Well there you have it my friends, lots of names to work with. Let’s move on now to our topic Fred C. Trump.

Fred C. Trump

Fred Christ Trump

Frederick Christ Trump (October 11, 1905 – June 25, 1999) was an American businessman and philanthropist. He was a prominent real-estate developer in New York City. He was the father of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, and Maryanne Trump Barry, a former United States Court of Appeals judge.

In partnership with his mother Elizabeth Christ Trump, he began a career in home construction and sales. The real estate development company was incorporated as E. Trump & Son in 1927, and grew to build and manage single-family houses in Queens, barracks and garden apartments for U.S. Navy personnel near major shipyards along the East Coast, and more than 27,000 apartments in New YorkCity. []

Right now we can see with the inheritance left by the death of Friedrich, Elizabeth Trump started a business with her son Fred, in New York. So far doesn’t sound like anything unusual. Let’s keep going.

Trump was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee for profiteering in 1954, and again by the State of New York in 1966. He made Donald the president of Trump Management Company in 1971, and they were sued by the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division for violating the Fair Housing Act in 1973. Throughout his career he contributed to local hospitals, various American nonprofit organizations, and international Jewish causes. []

Now notice this above paragraph mentions that Fred Trump supported Jewish causes…let’s find out what is up with that, because I know that ole Donald didn’t wake up one morning and decided that he was going to be a Zionist. Let’s investigate this possible Zionist connection with Papa Fred.

There is so much stink and corruption behind Fred Trump one could spend all day researching and reading, however due to post length and topic I’m going to focus on his Zionist ties. As we saw Fred Trump got into some legal trouble with the U.S. Senate and later by the state of New York. Let’s focus are attention there.

Donald Trump, the Devil’s run for the White House(Excerpts by 

Donald’s father Fred moved in the circle of a corrupt powerful New York political fixer and power broker attorney, Abraham (Bunny) Lindenbaum. Or Bunny moved in Fred C. Drumpf’s circles. They were more than just client and attorney. The two were joined at the hip. Bunny’s first retainer came from Fred C.[27] Fred and Bunny were political insiders of [Masonic] Tammany Hall through Brooklyn’s Madison Club.[28] Tammany Hall, also known as the Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St. Tammany, or the Columbian Order, was a New York City Democratic political machine entangled and mired in racketeering, corruption, graft and patronage.[29]  

(Illuminati i.e. satanist, Jewish power brokers, 
Bunny Lindenbaum & son Sandy)

Don didn’t go into how or why his father had been so loyal to Israel since the day he was born (1946), but his close personal association with Bunny Lindenbaum may provide some answers. Bunny Lindenbaum was an orthodox and fanatical Zionist Jew. He was president of the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council, and the Brooklyn Jewish Center (BJC). The BJC is connected directly to United Synagogue of America, the World Zionist Congress, United Jewish Appeal, National Jewish Welfare Board, and the MOSSAD.[52] Bunny Lindenbaum, and his son, Sandy Lindenbaum were high priests of the secret ultra orthodox Lubavitch Movement and the Educational Institute Oholei Torah, the Flagship school of Chabad – Lubavitch, it owns the BJC edifice.[53] Basically, the Chabad Lubavitch Movement is connected with the Ancient Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaic Universal Noahide Laws of Nimrodic God Baal. The Babylonian Talmudic High Priests of the Order of the Pharisaic sun god worshippers of Baal are known as the Mystical Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch.[54]

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1943, writing in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “Pharisaism became Talmudism …the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating arguments used in the Palestinian academies.” [55] In other words, the Talmudic Lubavitchers are reborn Pharisees. Many Pharisees belonged to the Jewish occult group, the Satanic “Cabal”.[56] According to the Chabad Lubavitch radical theology, the non Jew “infidels” must be exterminated, adding “may the name of the wicked rot.” Among them was Jesus of Nazareth. They claim that while the Jews are the “Chosen People” and were created in God’s image, the Gentiles do not have this status and are effectively considered subhuman.” [57] The Chabad are allowed to exist as a powerful international force because they serve Israel in two ways: working with Mossad in intelligence and criminal activities, and a source of extremist ideology to fuel Zionist crimes. It was also a scheme to permanently alienate, divide and polarize the races.[58] Bunny Lindenbaum BJC’s United Jewish Appeal assisted Jewish refugees arriving in the United States.[59] His BJC’s World Zionist Congress collaborated with the Nazis to allow a limited number of Jews to emigrate to other countries.[60] TRUMP-LINDENBAUM FAMILIES TIED TO CIVIC CORRUPTION AND SCANDALS   Bunny Lindenbaum presided over New York Mayor Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr.’s city planning commission.[44] Mayor Wagner’s mayoral administrations from 1954 to 1965 had been for the most part of the Tammany Hall rackets.[45],[46] In 1954, Scandalous Fred C. was the subject of a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee investigation for being involved in widespread corruption in the federal Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD),….

Lindenbaum and Scandalous Fred C. [Trump] were clandestinely using HUD and state funds to build a haven and Jewish power base in Brooklyn for eastern European Mystical Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch Jews at enormous and substantial profits at the taxpayers’ expense. Today, Chabad is among the world’s largest Hasidic groups, and it is the largest Jewish religious organization. The vast network of Chabad institutions have placed the movement at the forefront of Jewish communal life today.[65] A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement says the sect is ZIONIST in its support for Israel.[66] Fred and Bunny were secretly working with SS Baron Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing, Israeli Defense Force (IDF), MOSSAD and the newly formed CIA…..  However, Bunny Lindenbaum and his father ran the largest and most costly corporate welfare fraud-embezzlement system in this nation’s history. Primo Don is a product of that corporate welfare bread line straight out of state and federal treasuries. His sh.t don’t stink. Any notion that Primo Donna Donald is a self made billionaire is a fallacy and grand ILLUSION.

Well what do you think? I rest my case my friends. Fred C. Trump was a hard core Zionist for sure, and you see how the evil just moves onward through time like blood flowing through a vein. And all the while Evangelical Zionists are pounding Zionism into the heads of believers that have strayed from Jesus, and have followed these satanic lies, and doctrines of demons! If you are presently one of these people that are going to a “church” that supports Zionism, or you are following this demonic doctrine in anyway…REPENT NOW! and get out of there quick, get back to Jesus and His Holy Word, and get your butt back into His Congregation. FLEE The APOSTATES! Get back to your FIRST LOVE, JESUS! Folks this is serious, serious business and time is running out.

Before I wrap this all up, let’s look at one more thing. Fred Trump donated land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center. Let’s quickly find out what this place is all about.

Beach Haven

Jewish Center

Our Center:

The Beach Haven Jewish center, prides itself for it’s inclusive environment and welcoming atmosphere. The goal is to continue the expansion of this Jewish community of Gravesend, where Jewish people of all backgrounds and affiliations can find a home.

Our story began in the 1950’s, when Rabbi Israel Wagner was appointed as Rabbi of a newly established Jewish community of Beach Haven. Many of the local residents were holocaust survivors and army veterans who had witnessed the horrors of WWII.

In its infancy, the community’s approximately 30 members  prayed in an underground garage in one of the development’s buildings. After just a few years under Rabbi Wagner’s warm leadership, the community expanded exponentially and the space was no longer large enough to accommodate the congregation’s needs.

Having only heard about their landlord, Mr. Fred Trump, by name, Rabbi Wagner set out to meet him in the hopes that Mr. Trump would assist them in establishing a new facility as a Jewish community Center.

From the first meeting, a deep friendship sparked between Mr. Trump, a Lutheran land developer, and Rabbi Wagner, a Polish Jew. Their mutual love, respect, and friendship only deepened over the next 48 years.

Mr. Fred Trump donated the plot of land where the synagogue was built and contributed towards the construction. He then attended the dinner every year and generously donated to the Beach Haven Jewish Center. He affectionately referred to Rabbi Wagner as “My Rabbi” at their yearly meetings.

Our Vision:

From the onset, the Beach Haven Jewish community was founded on a few core principles: deep faith,  Ahavat Yisrael (loving your fellow as you love yourself,) the love of Israel, and a firm belief in the power of a strong and authentic Jewish identity.

The community understood that the future of the Jewish people lies in the education and involvement of the youth. One of the first communal programs.

That came right from their site, and that wraps up this post on Fred C. Trump, the hard core Zionist that showed his son Donnie the ropes so to speak, but when their Zionist World Order comes to fruition, it will be guillotines for us.

So what group would I put Fred C. Trump in? It would be group 4, the Pharisees and Sadducees. And what group would I put the patriarch Friedrich Trump? For me he would go in group 1, Lucifer’s Elites, because he had some sort of relationship with John D. Rockefeller, one of the 13 families. Again for me this really helps categorize the evil, because when your eyes become open to the deception, you will find that it seems like the evil just comes out everywhere from all four directions, and it can be very confusing trying to figure out what someone’s duty is in the servant hood of satan.

My friends, as you know my ministry is to expose the lies and deceptions of Satan, and through truth, calling those out of the darkness of deception and back into the light of True Scripture, and Jesus. However up to this point I haven’t provided you, my readers a safe place to go to learn the truths of scripture. The wolves have done a very good job of distorting scripture to the point of out and out lies, deception and heresy. There are some Key Scriptures that are Paramount to our Faith. Like the Trinity, salvation, tithe, and the Rapture, just to name a few. Well I have the perfect place you can go. The name of the site is Redletterpublications and can be found @, but I made it easy for you. At the top in my menu you will find the link, just hit the button Redletterpublications and your there. The founders of this site Joe and Deanna are very good friends of my wife Patty and myself, they have been in the ministry for many, many years, they are wonderful people that love and care about Jesus and His children. We love reading all their articles, and we think you will to. And it is a great place to learn sound doctrine. So please hit the button in the menu and check it out.

Until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

Author: Troy Payne

Founder of the website The Chosen Remnant of Jesus and the Truth About the Church, where we discuss the truth of Jesus’s true congregation of believers, and the deception in the Modern Churches, that are leading millions away from Christ, and possibly marching them towards an anti-christ system without them even knowing it.

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