The History of the King James Bible. conclusion

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. Last post we left off with Francis Bacon. And like an ole blues musician might say, what’s up with this Francis Bacon cat? Well I was going to cover this conspiracy in more detail, but to move this study on a little faster, I will leave that up to you all, if you want to further research this Francis Bacon cat. Basically the conspiracy is that Francis Bacon was a Freemason, and was actually William Shakespeare, and that King James had him edit the King James Bible. In my research what I found interesting was, that a man by the name of Manly P. Hall spoke on this, and he is a big name in this dark evil group that has overtaken the world, that I will be covering in detail later. So if you want to research this, look up keywords, Francis Bacon/Freemason/Manly P. Hall/ William Shakespeare/ King James Bible/, use these in your search and it will make for some interesting reading for sure, and then you be the judge. I am however going to touch on the revisions of the King James Bible, and touch on the translators a little, and then conclude on my thoughts of the Bible we have today.

The Revisions— The King James Bible has gone through many revisions after its first printing in 1611, this will be a quick overview of those revisions.

1611- There have been many printings of the King James Bible. The first printing was of course 1611, the early printings contained many typographical errors due to printing errors.
1762- The 1762 Parris edition had a very short lived existence. It left very few copies for posterity. Yet, it’s bold approach at modernizing everything but the vocabulary itself was to pave the way for a truly readable King James Bible that could transform the English speaking. It also bears the marks of a man who had access to the exact intent of the translators through their written records. Those records are lost to us today, perhaps lost in the same fire which engulfed the warehouse full of Parris’s work. From time to time snippets of their notes are found in obscure places in England but they are unnecessary to us. We have the word of God in a King James Bible and Dr. Parris’s work is the 3rd purification of that work. (

1769- Dr. Benjamin Blayney, a professor at Oxford University, issued a further revision expanding upon Dr. Parris’s work. Almost all of the changes consisted in revising the italicized words. These words had been supplied by the King James translators for the purpose of dealing with the difference in the Hebrew and Greek languages and English. Those words were necessary for an accurate translation. The 1769 Parris- Blayney revision is what Bible believers normally refer to as the King James Bible today.

And my friends it just goes on from there, these are just some of the statements you will see when you research the King James Bible, they are “There have been thousands of revisions of the King James Bible!” “There have been four revisions of the King James Bible.” “There have been no revisions of the King James Bible!” “There have been 22,000 changes in the King James Bible since 1611.” “There have been 421 changes in the King James Bible since 1611.” “There haven’t been any changes. In the King James Bible since 1611.”You couldn’t read a 1611 King James Bible if you had one.” “There have been 100,000 changes made to the King James Bible.” This to me is the biggest problem. This Bible has been messed with in one form or the other, over the centuries, but it’s still considered the Bible of the Protestant Church.

The translators of the 1611 King James Bible- Actually if it wasn’t for these 47 translators, who in their own right, were the brightest of the brightest of their time, I wouldn’t even consider reading this version at all. If only King James and Archbishop Richard Bancroft were Behind the translation of this Bible, I would throw it in the trash. But because of these translators, I personally believe we have a pretty solid translation of ancient scripture. It was later decided by man that the Apocrypha should be completely omitted, because they believed it was not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

My conclusion on the King James Bible- We all know that this Bible was originally an Anglican Bible, and I’m not an Anglican or Episcopalian. It was ordered to be written by an evil man, but was not translated by him, and frankly it isn’t that much different than the Geneva Bible I have, It is but not a whole lot, because in reality they are translated from the ancient Hebrew and Greek. I read three Bibles, and this is how I use them. I have a copy of the original 1611 version King James, printed of course in the old English, it’s a little difficult to read at first but one does get use to it; I use this Bible primarily for the reading of the Apocrypha. My main study Bible is a King James Bible 1886 Parallel Bible revision. This is the Bible I use for study with the Strong’s Concordance. When I study the Word, not just read, I break down every verse using the Strong’s Concordance. I also read the Geneva Bible. This Bible is what my early brothers and sisters read. This is the Bible of my faith, a Purist, and this is the Bible that the they (those early believers of my faith) used, so that’s the Bible I claim for faith reasons and really no other. Bottom line is this, whether there are hidden codes used by the Masons, which I’m sure there is, or if Francis Bacon was the editor of the original 1611, which I’m sure is possible, or whatever, like I said in my last post, I don’t care, could care less. It wasn’t codes that through me off all those years I was indoctrinated, it wasn’t some hidden messages that led me away from the truth and left me very confused. Nope, it was those who were teaching in error, and not the truths found in God’s Word. The most dangerous thing is the misinterpretation of the scriptures, not the scriptures themselves. God is more powerful than anything else, His Word, is, His Son Jesus, therefore nothing will stop His Word from getting to us, and teaching us what it is we need to know. The truth will always prevail. God’s inherent Word, is God’s Word itself, and we will receive that Word through His Holy Spirit, whether we read the King James, or the Geneva Bible, this my friends, I rest my faith, and hope, and bet my life on. Starting in the next post, we are going to examine the short history of the early congregation, and find exactly where the split between the Jews and the Gentiles began, which caused the Jews to “fall away” into Judaism, and the Gentiles to “fall away” into the formation of the man made institution referred to as the “church.” Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

Author: Troy Payne

Founder of the website The Chosen Remnant of Jesus and the Truth About the Church, where we discuss the truth of Jesus’s true congregation of believers, and the deception in the Modern Churches, that are leading millions away from Christ, and possibly marching them towards an anti-christ system without them even knowing it.

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