The Zionist Agenda…The Origin of Yiddish

Hello everyone, and thanks so much for coming back. Last post we left off understanding that the Ashkenazi Jews, are not Jews, nor Hebrews but of a European stock. Therefore from now on we will call them the European Ashkenazi. It was Nathan Birnbaum who was but one that started this evil Zionist ball rolling, and he mentioned the official language should be Yiddish. So let’s take a look at the origin of the Yiddish language.

The Yiddish Language-What In The World Is It?

What is Yiddish

The History of Yiddish

Yiddish originated in Germany, but was eventually spoken by Jews all over Europe.


Literally speaking, Yiddish means “Jewish.” Linguistically, it refers to the language spoken by Ashkenazi Jews — Jews from Central and Eastern Europe, and their descendants. Though its basic vocabulary and grammar are derived from medieval West German, Yiddish integrates many languages including German, Hebrew, Aramaic and various Slavic and Romance languages.

The Origin of Yiddish

It is impossible to pin down exactly where or when Yiddish emerged, but the most widely-accepted theory is that the language came into formation in the 10th century, when Jews from France and Italy began to migrate to the German Rhine Valley. There, they combined the languages they brought with them, together with their new neighbors’ Germanic, producing the earliest form of Yiddish. As Jews continued to migrate eastward –a result of the Crusades and the Black Plague–Yiddish spread across Central and Eastern Europe and began to include more elements from Slavic languages.

Where are the historical records, that the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and some from the tribe of Levi, migrated from Palestine to France and Italy, or any other European nation for that matter? Now when I ask this question, I am asking it in the sense of historical records of the Hebrew tribes, not Ashkenazi migration. The fact of the matter is this. There are none. There is no historical record of the Hebrew tribes of Judah, Benjamin and some of the Levites, migrating from the land of Palestine, to any European country. Let’s continue on.

Yiddish in the 20th Century

In 1908, the first international conference on Yiddish language (the Czernowitz conference) declared Yiddish to be “a national language of the Jewish people.” The purpose of the conference was to discuss all the issues facing the language at that time, including the need to establish Yiddish schools, to fund Yiddish cultural institutions and to establish standard Yiddish spelling. However, these agenda items received little attention, with much of the debate being focused on whether Yiddish should be considered the national language or a national language of the Jewish people. In 1925, YIVO, the Yiddish Scientific Institute, was founded in Vilna. It became the premiere institution for Yiddish scholarship and has been based in New York since 1940.

In the early days of the Soviet Union (1922 until the mid-1930s), the communist government supported Yiddish schoolstheater, research and literature — as long as these were strictly cultural expressions without Jewish religious content. The extraordinary support given to Yiddish, and the respect initially shown to Yiddish writers, led many around the world to see the Soviet project as the true hope for the future of the language. However, the government soon began to censor Yiddish works, and eventually closed down most Yiddish institutions. During the purges of 1937, many Yiddish writers and leaders were arrested and executed at the increasingly paranoid orders of Joseph Stalin, who viewed Yiddish as anti-Soviet. In 1952, the remaining great Yiddish writers in the Soviet Union were brutally murdered in what is known today as the Night of the Murdered Poets (though not all of those executed were writers).

In pre-state Israel (1918-1948), and later in Israel, Yiddish was marginalized and, in some instances, outlawed. Until 1951, it was illegal for local theater groups to stage productions in Yiddish. Hebrew was the national language of the Jews in their land, and was considered the only legitimate medium of Jewish expression.

Now my friends, notice in the above paragraph the wording the author uses. He uses “pre-state Israel.” Why is that? The land he is mentioning here is Palestine. Why didn’t he just say that? The reason is simple. Some of the Palestinians in the land at that time were original Hebrews. That’s right, the real deal, the author clearly doesn’t want anyone to connect the dots. And yes. The European Ashkenazi forced out the original Hebrews from their land when they occupied the land in 1948, and tagged them Palestinians. Later in this study we will be going over that in detail.

Post-Holocaust Yiddish

On the eve of World War II, there were roughly 13 million Yiddish speakers in the world.

The Holocaust destroyed most of this population. In America after the war, immigrant parents were often hesitant to speak Yiddish with their children. Though there were a few networks of Yiddish schools in the post-war period, after-school programs and camps could not compete with the intense pressures of Americanization. Yiddish began to take on a lowbrow image, and its use was associated with failure to climb up the American socioeconomic ladder of success. []

Notice that after the Holocaust, most of those who spoke Yiddish were wiped out. Why? Because they were not Hebrews, that were slaughtered, they were European Ashkenazi that were rounded up by the satan led Nazi Empire, not the Palestinian Jews, they were safely living in the land of Palestine at this most horrific time. Does this matter to me? Absolutely not. Any time genocide of any peoples or nations or religious faiths is attempted, it is of Satan, and is evil to the deepest core. What does matter to me, are those today, that use this horrible atrocity to their benefit, to gain power and control over other nations. This is the very thing the Zionist Synagogue of Satan is doing to this very day, and they are doing it under the guise of anti-semitisism. In truth the Semitic Tribes of Palestine, modern day Judaea, are the Palestinians, the very people they (the Zionists Ashkenazi) are trying to wipe out, the true Hebrews. And when this beast system comes to fruition, they will be persecuting and killing, in a mass way, those who hold the testimony of Jesus. So the coat tail they are riding (the Holocaust), will be the very same act they will perform on others when their system is in place. Why are the Evangelical churches supporting such an evil scheme? Because they have been lulled to sleep by their Zionists Pastors and teachers, and out of their own stubborn heart…they have eyes that can’t see, and ears that can’t hear, they have chosen to believe a lie. WAKE UP! and REPENT! And I mean now before it’s to late! The Evangelical Zionists have jumped into bed with Satan, and his anti-Christ (against Christ) doctrines. I suggest you WAKE UP!!! And jump out of that bed NOW!!!

Also I want to add this. I have no hatred or discontent for the Ashkenazi people. What I pray is that their eyes will be open to this lie that they have been told by some that they are Jews, and find salvation in Jesus, and not in Judaism. The problem I have are with those who are of the synagogue of satan, and continue to spread this lie.

So in conclusion, the European Ashkenazi did not know how to speak the original Hebrew language, therefore they basically had to come up with their own mix of languages and call it their own. So Yiddish is in fact Jibberish!

On that note, that will be enough for this post. The origin of the “Ashkenazi Jew” will take more time, and together with the origins of the Yiddish language, it would have made way to long of post. Until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth…leaving not one stone my friends unturned.