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Hello everyone and thanks for coming back. We left off last post revealing that the Ashkenazi’s bloodline on the female side is actually European, and not Hebrew. So let’s take off from there.

The best place I think to start here is to clear up what does the term Jewish mean. We know that the actual nationality of the Israelites is Hebrew. And they were called Israelites after the name of the Patriarch Jacob, found in the Old Testament. His sons became the Patriarchs of there respected families, and each family was called a tribe, and was named after the Patriarch of that particular family. An example being Judah. Judah was a son of Jacob, and therefore all of Judah’s descendants formed the tribe of Judah.

Genesis 35:10

“And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel.” 

King James Version (KJV)

So Jacob’s name was changed from Jacob to Israel. Therefore his twelve sons became the twelve tribes of Israel. And they were called the Israelites.

However genetically speaking, they were Hebrews. So the next question you may have is this. What constitutes being a Hebrew? That is a great question, and should be fully understood by all, especially in today’s world, where all we here is Jew or Jewish. We hear the term Hebrew used very little or not at all. Why? Because those behind the evil scheme of satan, that say they are Jews but are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan, they know they are not real Hebrews. So what makes a Hebrew a Hebrew?

Question: “Who are the Hebrews?”

The Hebrews are peoples descended from Abraham. The origin of the word Hebrew is thought to come from the proper name “Eber,” listed in Genesis 10:24 as the great-grandson of Shem and an ancestor of Abraham. Another etymology traces the original root word back to the phrase “from the other side”—in that case, Hebrew would be a word designating an “immigrant,” which Abraham certainly was (Genesis 12:14–5).

Today, a “Hebrew” is usually thought of as any member of a group of ancient people who traced their lineage from Abraham though Isaac and Jacob. And that is how the Bible uses the term. In fact, Abraham is the first person called a “Hebrew” in the Bible (Genesis 14:13). After 400 years in Egypt, the Hebrews were recognizable as a distinct people group (Exodus 1:19). The Philistines in Canaan used the term “Hebrews” (1 Samuel 29:3); Jonah identified himself as “a Hebrew” (Jonah 1:9); and, hundreds of years later, Paul was still using the same identification (Philippians 3:5).

Technically, Jews are Israelite Hebrews from the region of Judea—they come from Abraham (a Hebrew) and Jacob (an Israelite), through Judah (a Jew); thus, strictly speaking, all Israelite Hebrews are not Jews. After Solomon’s death, the nation of Israel split into two kingdoms: in the Northern Kingdom were the “non-Jewish” Hebrew Israelites (descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through ten of his sons); and in the Southern Kingdom were the “Jewish” Hebrew Israelites (descendants of Jacob’s other two sons who lived in Judea). This represents a very narrow definition of terms, however. In common usage, Jews, Israelites, and Hebrews are all words referring to God’s chosen people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. []

So you see not all Hebrews are Jews, but all real Jews from the bloodline of Judah and Benjamin are Hebrews. And this my friends means from the fathers side also. What? Troy how can you dare say that? All these wise Rabbis quoting from the Jewish code of law, saying the very opposite…and you think (being an absolute nobody) can say something to the contrary? How dare you! Yup…how dare I, but I do dare say…and how do I dare say? That’s simple, the Bible. Folks, it’s not hard to understand that Jacob and his sons were male. I mean come on…really? You were a descendant of a tribe by the father and the mother had to also be a Hebrew. They, the Hebrews were not allowed by God to marry or breed outside of the Hebrew genetic bloodline. It was STRICTLY forbidden! It wasn’t just one had to be Hebrew, they both had to be Hebrew. The tribe you belonged to was based on the father. So who started this crazy lie? Well…satan did that’s who. Let’s dive into this so we can fully understand it all, because if we don’t, we will not fully understand the lie of Zionism.

Why Is Jewishness Matrilineal?

Maternal Descent In Judaism

By Tzvi Freeman and Yehuda Shurpin The following is from Remember we go to the source of the lies…right?

The Code of Jewish Law clearly states that a child of a Jewish mother is Jewish, regardless of the father’s lineage (or whatever else may show up in a DNA test), while the child of a non-Jewish mother is not Jewish. Matrilineal descent has been a fundamental principle of Torah since the Jewish people came into existence.

Ok the above paragraph that you just read was a complete lie. Now let’s look at something they mentioned however, it’s called “The code of Jewish Law.”

Now before I go on here, check out this short video below. It explains this so-called Jewish code of Law. And while you watch, listen for the words Ashkenazi, or Ashkenazic, Talmud and Sanhedrin. Please watch and listen carefully.

Clip #40 Code of Jewish Law

So after watching the above video. What did you think? If you thought that it’s a made up lie that came later and has no Biblical support at all, you my friends thought right.

They base a lot of this complete nonsense on the Book of Ezra. Let’s go back to the article, at

Biblical Roots of Jewish Matrilineal Descent

There’s clear evidence There’s clear evidence of the rule of matrilineal descent in Biblical times in the story of Ezra and the returning exiles.of the rule of matrilineal descent in Biblical times in the story of Ezra and the returning exiles.

The Book of Ezra tells the story of the Jews who returned from Babylonia to finish rebuilding the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Upon their arrival they found that many of the Jews who inhabited the land had taken non-Jewish wives.

Ezra was heartbroken, tearing his garments in mourning and prayer to G‑d. A large crowd gathered, and joined with Ezra as he prayed and wept.

Next, the verse states:

And Shechaniah, the son of Jehiel, of the sons of Elam, raised his voice and said to Ezra, “We have betrayed our G‑d, and we have taken in foreign wives of the peoples of the land, but there is still hope for Israel concerning this.”

“Now then, let us make a covenant with our G‑d to expel all these women and those who have been born to them, in accordance with the bidding of the Lord and of all who are concerned over the commandment of our G‑d, and let the Torah be obeyed.”

If the child of a Jewish father is Jewish, why did Shechaniah suggest expulsion of the children born to these women? How was it that Ezra and all the people agreed to his advice? Jewish people historically were greatly attached to their children. How is it that they agreed to send them away?

Obviously, it was a given that these children were not Jewish. Furthermore, note that Shechaniah states, “and let the Torah be obeyed.” Apparently, everyone understood that this was not a new edict, but a call for obedience to the Torah as it had always been understood by the Jewish people.

This that was written above has nothing at all to do with the Torah, but more to do with the Talmud. Ezra tore his clothes because they disobeyed God, yes that is from the Torah. However the rest is just Talmud nonsense. I will simply put this matter to rest. It was forbidden by God that any Hebrew marry, and breed outside of the Hebrew bloodline, plain and simple. If a male Hebrew married a non-Hebrew female, and bore children from that union, it was against God’s commandments given to the Hebrews, and was a rebellious act toward Almighty God. And if a female Hebrew married a non-Hebrew male, it to was the exact same. So if a Philistine male married a Hebrew female from the tribe of Judah, let’s just say. And they bore a son; even though the mother is Hebrew by blood, the child is not, the child would be a bastard, and not considered a Hebrew.

Now you may be asking this. Troy where’s all this going? Simple The Ashkenazi’s are neither Hebrew, nor Jewish; they are of European stock genetically speaking on the mothers side. Even if the males were of Hebrew stock, and either from the tribes of Judah or Benjamin or Levi, or any of the other Hebrew tribes that are lost. None of this matters at all, they are still BASTARDS. Oh boy, I can hear some saying…come on Troy; did you have to use that word? Well yes, but it’s not a bad word, used in this sense. Here’s the definition.



2: something that is spurious (see SPURIOUS sense 3a), irregular, inferior, or of questionable origin
bastard adjective

2: of mixed or ill-conceived origin [Merriam -Webster Dictionary]

They cannot claim being either Hebrew or Jewish according to God’s commandments and laws. Therefore all they really are, are European Ashkenazi, and that’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. Welcome to the Gentiles all you Ashkenazi’s your no different than the rest of us, your really just a halfbreed degenerate just like me. Degenerate? Yes according to some of you. Do not continue to believe the lies that they, the synagogue of Satan are spreading. Now you can accept Christ and what he did for you on the cross, and skip all those stupid Rabbinic Talmud rules now. That’s great!!! Isn’t it??? Jesus’ way of salvation is so much easier. And if you are a European Ashkenazi, this is the way to salvation…it has four very easy steps. Step 1) you hear or read the Gospel of Jesus and you believe by faith on Him. Step 2) you repent of your sins. Step 3) you get baptized. step 4) you follow Him in obedience, diligently seeking Him out daily. That’s it. No more long dragged out satan inspired Talmudic laws and codes and rules you have to follow. But a personal relationship with Jesus, God Himself. It’s the greatest thing any of us can do. To The Jew first and then the Gentiles. So now when you hear the term European Jews, which you hear all the time, you now know that they are not Jews, even though they say they are. They are in fact bastards, half breeds at best, but really just Gentiles, because if your not a full blooded Hebrew your really not Hebrew at all. And frankly I could care less. Why? Because Jesus could care less. He doesn’t care what race or bloodline you are. All are equal now in His eyes. Am I sounding mean or cruel? No not at all. They are the ones, the synagogue of Satan that claim that they are superior, I don’t claim that. They claim they are the chosen ones of God, I don’t claim that either, not by race or bloodlines. Today’s chosen ones of God are by blood… but it’s by the blood of One, His name is Jesus, and it was by His blood sacrifice on the cross for each and everyone of us, because we are all sinners, and not by the bloodline of any group of people. In reality friends, do you know what I am? I’m a mix breed of who knows what, from European stock they tell me. Scottish and English, I don’t know what all I am. But I do not claim to be Hebrew, nor do I claim to be Jewish.

let’s get back now to Zionism, and find out how the European Ashkenazi ever began to think they were Jews in the first place. But my friends that’s it for this post, it was quite enough for one day. Until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.