The Word Church. How Did It Get Into Our Bibles? conclusion

We left off in my last post. Where we found that the word “church,” was not a proper translated, or transliterated replacement for ekklesia. To recap, “ekklesia” is a “called out congregation or assembly of believers in Jesus.” We know also, someone must have purposely replaced this word, or they instructed someone or group to do it. So in speaking of the King James Version, the version we have today. Let’s go back in history, and look at King James. I will be speaking of King James a lot over the next, however many posts. So at times I will be going back and forth in his life, and Kingship. We are however at this time, looking at the translation of his 1611 Bible and here is what we find.

King James I

James I The King of England was the Head of the Church of England, [commonly known today as the Anglican Church], a split off the Church of Rome. It was King James I who in 1604 approved the idea of a “New” English translation, that would eventually bear his name. Those who were commissioned by King James to work on this “new” Bible version, were men deemed to have special skills and learning, in Hebrew and Greek. Also, they were from the established (state) church, although some had Puritan learnings. So we can see their Bible was meant to be a Church of England or Anglican version. All of them had to have the approval of the King and the Church of England Hierarchy.

The Translators of the King James Bible

The translators were given 15 rules they had to follow while translating the scriptures. King James I had Archbishop Richard Bancroft oversee the translating of the KJV. What I want to focus on is rule no. 3. The Old Ecclesiastical Words to be kept, viz. the Word Church not to be translated Congregation &c. So there you have it. It was King James I that ordered it, And it changed the world. He purposely knew what he was doing. So now we know exactly how the word “Church” ended up in the Bible we have today. You can read all 15 rules at, (

There is one God, The Father, and one Lord our Messiah Jesus, one Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit and one Gospel, and one Congregation of believers. There is also The Inherent Word of God, and Jesus is the Word. The Bible we hold today The King James Version is the Bible, that was handed down to us as authoritative scripture. However as long as man is on the earth, and man is born into sin, there will be imperfections and wrong motives. Satan takes advantage every time of mans imperfections to subtlety bring in his lies, for his purposes. We are told by our Lord Himself to study the scriptures to show ourselves approved.

” Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15.

He has blessed us with resources, like the Strong’s Concordance, where we can find the original Hebrew and Greek words so we ourselves can decipher and discern scripture. If you were to explain this to most Christians today, especially those whom regularly attend Church. They will not listen, they will want nothing to do with what the facts show. Why? Because it rattles their faith. They just don’t want to believe that what they have been told could be a out and out lie. If you are not a Pastor or a theologian, or have gone to some sort of Seminary or Christian collage, you in their eyes don’t have the knowledge or authority to tell them anything. This is called indoctrination, and most who attend Church are indoctrinated. I use the word Church because that is what it is. Mans made up institutionalized form of religion.

” Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Mark 7:7.

Today there are multiple doctrines, multiple theologies, and multiple denominations. This is not what the Lord intended, not at all. All the different denominations argue on who is right or wrong. One says our doctrine is right, while another says…no, our doctrine is the only right doctrine. What did Jesus say to all this nonsense?

” And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Mark 3:24.

The Lord had nothing to do with this, this was not His intention at all. I believe today The Lord is increasing knowledge to those He chooses, and He’s calling them out of the institionalized Churches and calling them back into His Congregation, His assembly of true believers that seek Him and the Truth. Not worshipers of Pastors or buildings, but Him. Does that sound harsh? Maybe, but it’s the truth, people can have a form of Pastor worship, it’s all over the place now. When people give tithe, where does a lot of the money go? The building. We have to have bigger and nicer buildings that will attract the outside sinners in, so they can be saved, if that Pastor even preaches the Gospel. They want to bring you in, so you can be saved, then indoctrinated, then a member, so you can give them even more money, and all the while enjoying the nice surroundings of a multi million dollar building. Does this sound like Jesus? Does this sound like His teachings? No. Most people are content with going to their church, hearing the Pastors Sermon, putting that days track somewhere in their Bibles, and then not open that Bible again until Wednesday service if they go. We are instructed to read and search out His word, that is our responsibility as believers. If we are taught to believe a lie, and I was for years, and not search for truth and remain in that lie. That my friends is on us, we are responsible for seeking the Lord and His truth. Remember in one of my earlier posts I wrote that some have misread scripture and they believe that they have proof that the Church was in the Old Testament? No, there is not a Church, what there is, is the Lords Congregation of true believers. Called out to be faithful and follow Him. First it was the “called out ones,” the Congregation of God under the Old Covenant. Then after Christ’s death and ascension unto the Father, the Congregation continued on under the New Blood Covenant of Jesus. We are the Congregation under Jesus. His Assembly of Called Out Ones. The Ekklesia of Our Lord Jesus.

“Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:6.

“The called,” the divinely selected and appointed. That’s it, not Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran etc. and the list goes on and on. The next part of this study I will be looking deeper into the motive or motives of King James I, and unravel why he chose to replace “congregation” with the word “church.”

I have no problem with any Christian that attends a building to worship the Lord in, and hear scripture being taught by a man who knows scripture, and seeks the Lord and His truth. The Lord searches out the hearts of man, and He knows who are His. And we should give tithe to a ministry that helps our community, and spreads the one true Gospel of Salvation, that is not what I was describing above. What I was describing, was where a lot of these denominations have gone today. Many are lost in the traditions and teachings of men, and not searching out the true teachings of our Lord Jesus and His word. Until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth.

Author: Troy Payne

Founder of the website The Chosen Remnant of Jesus and the Truth About the Church, where we discuss the truth of Jesus’s true congregation of believers, and the deception in the Modern Churches, that are leading millions away from Christ, and possibly marching them towards an anti-christ system without them even knowing it.