Did King James I Bring Freemasonry to England?

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. Last post we learned that King James joined himself to the craft of Freemasonry. Although many believe that the craft did not begin in England until 1717, but, as we are going to find out today, from a 32nd degree Mason, this may not be the case. As usual my friends, what we are told to believe, is probably by all rights, and in a lot of cases, what we are not suppose to believe, but is really all just smoke and mirrors, and half truths, and in some cases just bold face lies. So let’s get started, there will be more information to cover here, so depending on time, this may take a couple of posts or more to cover.

The following will be from an article titled The Influence Of Kings On Craft Freemasonry with Especial Reference to Great Britain, by W. Bro. David Barrett 32nd degree Mason.

David Barrett 32nd degree Freemason

Past Grand Marshal, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, Past Master, Lodge Ra’anana, 70, Israel, Past Z, Judea Chapter No 4, Ra’anana, Israel, PTPM, Lodge of Perfection King Solomon No. 13, Ra’anana, Grand Chaplain, SGRAC Israel. Wow, what a resume; notice in Israel? Yup, you bet, right there in Israel. Later in this study on the Freemasons, you will learn exactly why, and you will be very knowledgeable on how the Kabbalah, Freemasons and the Illuminati, all tie together, for one common goal, and how it all began, so keep coming back. Ok now let’s get right to David Barrett’s article.

I will start with his introduction, and then hit the areas for our subject. His article will be in italics, my comments, standard print, because he will say some things, that I want to hit on, because this is very important to know and understand, to really get a good solid grasp, on why we are heading, where we are heading in this world. The diabolical plan if you will, Solomon said Wisdom is greater than gold, and I believe that Knowledge, and Understanding, are your greatest weapon against evil, the wiles of the Devil, there is no greater weapon, the Holy Spirit gives us Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, it is of the Spirit, and with it my friends, we are armed to the max, we are like a castle, with super high fortified walls. The angels, that the Lord has protecting us, are like the many, many warriors that stand guard, upon those fortified walls, that surround our fortress, this great and huge mighty fortress that stands upon a great hill, one even King David would admire, is the Holy Spirit, the One who protects. Ok moving on here’s the introduction to the article by David Barrett.

‘From time immemorial’ we have been very fortunate in that our Craft has had the support of Royalty. Without that support I doubt that we would be in the same position as we are today, even taking into account our declining numbers. What other way could a person claiming to be a gentleman, a freeman and good report, hope to hob knob with the desirables of top male society? Indeed I am sure that in those early days one was invited or requested to become part of that elite society, especially during the 18th Century. What I wish to do today is to review and clarify the nature of Royalty’s association with Freemasonry and elaborate on each King in particular as to their contribution. Indeed it is our claim, to the point of boasting, that “in every age monarchs themselves have been promoters of the art; have no thought it derogatory from their dignity to exchange the sceptre for a gavel, have patronized our mysteries and have joined our assemblies”.

I want to point out a couple of things here. 1) He makes it very clear, that not only in times past, they needed to infiltrate the government, by means of deception, to get what they want, and become the powerful evil force they have become, it was actually a must. And even to this day they have infiltrated the highest ranks of governments, throughout the world, and by these governments highest ranking officials, they carry on their evil plans and schemes. 2) He has also made it very clear, that it’s not at the lowest ranks of the good ole boy Masons that their plans are carried out; no, by these low ranks, comes the funding, for their Craft, all while under the disguise of a church going, God loving fraternity of men, not women, (they are racist and prejudice towards women), in the local towns and communities, that do wonderful things for the people of those communities in which they live. Its at the highest levels, the elite society where they carry out their evil agendas. 3) He also makes it clear that these elites, no matter what they tell you, turn over their beliefs, whatever they might have been, and completely pledge allegiance to the Craft, and all that it stands for. 4) Though we may see Mason Lodges, in just about every small town, usually near a church, and many of the lower ranked good ole boy Masons attending those churches, there is nothing Christian about it. David, like all of them refer to it as the Craft, the government leaders have patronized their mysteries (mystery religion, the mystery schools of the occult, mystery Babylon), and these leaders of society have become promoters of the art. The art; there is nothing Christian about anything that uses terms like, craft and art, this is sorcery, not of God, but of the devil. Now has David continues, he goes right into what the Freemasons really believe, and where their craft started, I want to show you this, because friends, they want to be a huge part of building the third Temple, in the likes of Solomon’s Temple; but not For God, like Solomon did, but for Lucifer, the coming Illuminated one, the Son of Perdition. Let’s continue back to the article.

However, as an aside, I feel that it is necessary to give mention to King Solomon, of the OT, who is accredited as being one of the founding Grand Masters. The following references 1 Kings 6:1-38, 1 Kings Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 describe the construction of the Temple under Solomon. And thus we too can give honorable mention to King Hiram or Huram, the Phoenician King of Tyre. In Masonic tradition Hiram is considered another of the three founding Grand Masters of the fraternity. He appears in Masonic ritual as the provider of materials, money and craftsmen for the construction of Solomon’s Temple. This comes from the Biblical account of the alliance between Solomon’s Israel and Hiram of Tyre. In Masonic legend, King Hiram is said to have sent is most skilled master craftsman, Hiram Abiff, to serve as the construction’s foreman.. Masonic tradition expands on the few, short Biblical references and creates an allegorical tale not purported to be factual. Without these famous Kings of yore and their efforts in contributing to and building of the first Temple to the Lord, which was completed approx. 950 BC one would have to assume that we would have no Modern Freemasonry today. Maybe we would have invented another tale?!

The Lord’s Temple built by Solomon

Well there you have it. Its all about the Temple of Solomon, which I’m going to add right now, it is not Solomon’s Temple. Solomon carried out the wishes of his father King David, to build a Temple for the Lord God that David wanted to build, but the Lord would not allow it, because of the blood on David’s hands from war. So the King that was to build the Temple was to be a King of peace, not of war. King David, was the king who designed the Temple, and its design came specifically from God, the Lord showed David exactly how it was to be built. Also it was David that was gathering and storing away building supplies, and Gold for the Temple. Yes Solomon needed supplies from Hiram, but Solomon was carrying out the wishes of his father, David. The Temple is not Solomon’s Temple, it was the Lord’s Temple built by Solomon. But this now is two 32nd degree Masons, that have mentioned Solomon’s Temple as the foundation of the craft of Freemasonry, and this made up character Hiram Abiff. And this guy David even admitted, that if it wasn’t for Solomon and the Temple, they would just make up some other tale. The thing is they are basing everything on fables, on this Hiram Abiff. And nowhere in the Bible is King Solomon considered a Grand Master of anything. But the three original Grand Masters of the fraternity are, Solomon, Hiram, and Hiram Abiff, this coming from two 32nd degree Masons, I would assume it’s safe to say that, the First Temple and its destruction, and the rebuilding of the Second Temple at the time of Ezra, “laid the historical foundation for all future Masonic endeavors, especially in relation to the Mark, Royal Arch and Cryptic Degrees.” As quoted by David Barrett, however the mystery schools, they believe in, the luciferian doctrine they subscribe to, goes way back to ancient times, long before Solomon. So now let’s jump ahead in the article and find King James, and see what the Masons have to say about him, and his part in “the Craft” the “Art,” what a wonderful Protestant Christian man, and King, just gives me goose bumps, when I think about it.

We have to give serious consideration to Scotland prior to discussing the English Royal House. During the centuries prior to the time we now accept as the start of Modern Freemasonry.

This would be 1717, in England, this is where many are led astray in the argument of whether King James Stuart was a Freemason, or not, but now we are going to hear it from a Mason himself, and a high ranking one at that.

We have recorded Operative Freemasonry in which non Masonic workers were allowed to join. Indeed there were many local lodges in Scotland before 1600. Scotland indeed has the oldest lodge minutes in the world in which, in 1483, the Craft is mentioned in Aberdeen. The entry of non-Masons is best recorded In Scottish annals in the late 16th century & is linked to the Stuart dynasty. Why Scotland? Why the Stuart’s?

Ok, what’s coming up now is very important, and to really understand, how the Craft of the Freemasons infiltrated the Protestant congregation of believers, the Purists, the Puritans, that settled in the New World, one must have a full grasp on their motive for infiltrating the church. So the following will be long, but it not only shows that King James was a Mason, but that he also played a pivotal role, in bringing about Freemasonry exactly where it is today. So hopefully this will be very interesting for you, if you did not have any knowledge of the Masons before this. Back to David Barrett.

Scottish kings held onto their independence through intermittent bloody wars with English kings who aimed to annex Scotland. In the 14th century, Scotland got the Pope to recognize her political independence. In 1320 the country adopted the first written constitution since the Roman Republic. The Declaration of Arbroath confirmed Scotland’s status as an independent sovereign state and Robert the Bruce became the first King in 1371. Just prior to this period the Pope and France had become entangled with another entity – the Knights Templar, a military order founded during the Crusades. In 1307, the Roman Church in France decided to eliminate the Templars. After a wave of arrests, members were charged with sodomy, blasphemy, and heresy. When it was all over in 1312, some Templars had confessed to sodomy under torture and died in prison or at the stake. Others managed to flee. It is believed that some took refuge in Scotland because of its independence from papal control. There are Templar graves, visibly marked as such offering proof of their existence in Scotland.

The Knights Templar

He then goes on in the next paragraph, to give a present day school of thought, about there is no evidence that the Knights Templar were responsible for the existence of the Freemasons. First of all, I don’t hold very tightly to any present day school of thought, that phrase just tells me, they are changing the story because people are catching on. Have you noticed that there is a lot of changing the school of thought behind a lot of what they say, we call, “conspiracies.” I don’t believe the Knights Templar started the Freemasons, but I do believe they had a major influence on the early Masons. Let’s continue, and see what David says.

Safe in their Scottish exile, it has been theorized that surviving Templars reestablished themselves by joining trade guilds – – bakers, dyers, weavers, carpenters, stonemasons – – that ran the medieval economy. Each guild was an elite fraternity that guarded the secrets of its craft, educated its apprentices, protected and regulated its members, and looked after their families. Most important, the guilds organized themselves on the basis of written constitutions. The earliest known document was that of the stonemasons in the late 1300’s, which detailed due process and members’ duties. To this day, a Freemason is called an “apprentice” and dons a stonemason’s sheepskin apron, as he would if he were learning the building trade.

And here is where we have to leave off, because of time. I will be able to conclude the question did King James bring Freemasonry to England in my next post. We will be concentrating completely on King James I, the Freemason, the man who brought the Craft to England. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

Author: Troy Payne

Founder of the website www.chosenremnant.com. The Chosen Remnant of Jesus and the Truth About the Church, where we discuss the truth of Jesus’s true congregation of believers, and the deception in the Modern Churches, that are leading millions away from Christ, and possibly marching them towards an anti-christ system without them even knowing it.