King James I ….Persecutor of Christians, Part III William Bradford [ was King James a form of Antichrist?] conclusion

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. We left off last post, understanding that William Bradford was writing that there was a desertion of the truth. The truth being, the proper translation of scripture, when the congregation fell away from the truth the institution of the “church” was born, and the true congregation hidden away, a remnant still there, but only a few, God will always have his remnant. We will later be looking at the history of the early congregation later in this study, and we will find when this occurred. So let’s move right on with William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, chapter 1, paragraph 6 and see what more he has to say on this falling away, and find out who was behind it.

Paragraph 6 For to let pass the infinite examples in sundry nations and several places in the world, and instance in our own, when as that old serpent could not prevail by those fiery flames and other his cruel tragedies, which by his instruments put in use everywhere in the days of Queen Mary and before, he then began another kind of war and went more closely to work; not only to oppugn (call into question the truth or validity of) but even to ruinate (to ruin) and destroy the kingdom of Christ by more secret and subtle means, by kindling the flames of contention and sowing the seeds of discord and bitter enmity amongst the professors and, seeming reformed, themselves. For when he could not prevail by the former means against the principle doctrines of faith, he bent his force against the holy discipline and outward regiment of the kingdom of Christ, by which those holy doctrines should be conserved, and true piety maintained amongst the saints and people of God.(

So satan set out a more subtle, sneaky, secret way to persecute the Congregation of Jesus, and that’s by using other so called professed Christians, in the form of the man made institution called the “church.” For many centuries, the truth that the early congregation of the apostolic era, knew and believed was hidden and replaced with the apostasy of the “church.” I will touch on this in more detail later, however it is important to note, that once the truth fell away, and the church was formed, it gave satan a means to use this institution not only to keep the truth hidden, by means of false teachings and lies, he also had a new means of persecution, Christians vs. true Christians. What do I mean by this? What I mean is this; people who claim to be Christian and are not, people who have falling away with lies, and have abandoned the truth, vs. those who are the true believers of Christ, the true members of His Congregation, which is His body. There is Christ, and His true believers, and there is antichrist, and his false believers, one group belongs to Christ, and one group belongs to antichrist. Satan has accomplished all this with the formation of the church, this is a very cunning deception, and it’s working all the way to today. When the truth was hidden, the church went along just fine in its apostasy, but once the Lord picked a specific time when the truth would emerge again by the translations of ancient scripture into the English language, especially after the invention of the printing press, where the common man who could read, could understand for himself through the Holy Spirit’s teaching, and not the apostate churches teaching, the real truth of doctrine. This all took off in 1517, by Martin Luther, and his 95 theses, which was a document written that challenged the teachings of the apostate Catholic Church, on many things that they believed, and deceived others to believe. Once this occurred, Satan became very angry, he hates the truth to be known, because in that truth lies salvation, and a true understanding of Jesus. When satan see’s that the truth of Jesus’s Congregation maybe understood once again which is, the following of the true doctrine of the early congregation taught by the Apostles, and is taught now to us by scripture, found in the New Testament, not taught by man’s interpretation of scripture, but taught by the Holy Spirit, to those who seek it out, and are obedient to Christ. Once this occurred, satan attacked; and when the truth comes to light, what does satan always do? He persecutes, he goes out to slaughter, and he disguises himself as an angel of light, and uses what people perceive to be holy “the church,” but they are deceived into believing the apostate lies of the church, and so it appears one against the other. Ones doctrine fighting against another’s doctrine, this is going on this very day, however not what we see as Christians persecuting other Christians, not yet, but it is coming and it will be horrific. There are 2.18 billion Christians in the world, and they comprise roughly a third of the world’s population. Two thirds of the world’s Christians live in Europe and the Americas, and the other are spread throughout the rest of the world. Do you think that all 2.18 billion are true followers of Jesus? Absolutely not, if that were so this world would not be this evil place that it is, and satan wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Actually out of that 2.18 billion and it could be much more than that, only a very small remnant are followers of Jesus. What makes a follower of Jesus? Who are those true believers in Jesus’s Congregation? This is how you can tell. A true disciple of Jesus, submits his or hers life to him, they seek out his will for their lives and not live by their own wills, they seek him out by a having a thirst for scripture, and the truth, they also seek out scripture to get to know him more and more, because they love him. They live in obedience to him and his commands to please him, because they love him, don’t fall for that once saved always saved crowd that says obedience is works, obedience is not works, but is a act of love towards our Savior. A true disciple of Jesus, knows their home is not here, but is the kingdom of heaven, that’s where their heart is also, they are not materialistic, and love to help people, because they love others and they give generously to the extent they can, but not out of obligation, they are not greedy. When they sin, they repent and listen to the Spirit and not their own selfish desires. After repentance they do all they can, to do better and stay out of that sin, instead of staying in the sin, because that’s really what they want, is to stay out of the sin, because they don’t want to hurt the Lord in anyway, they want to please him. They have a thankful spirit unto the Father for all they have, and their greatest gift is their salvation. They often pray for God’s will to be done, in their lives, and in all things, they don’t follow their own will, and lust after the things of this world, and the list goes on and on. As I’m sitting here, I know for a fact that there is not 2.18 billion people living their lives that way. The true followers of Jesus are not perfect, we fall into sin, we struggle with various types of sin or addictions, we know we need to repent daily, because each day we fail and fall short, the difference however is, we try, we try and keep trying because we love the Lord our God, and we want to please him, more than ourselves. If you are a true disciple of Jesus, than to you my brothers and sisters, you are very blessed, because you are the remnant of Jesus, members of His Congregation. Now to get back to William Bradford, and by the way I can’t count, I was counting the paragraphs that he wrote and not the ones he was quoting, so in my last post I wrote paragraph 4 but was really 5, and 5 is 6, sorry about that, so ok let’s take a quick look at paragraph 8, of chapter 1, because here he further explains how satan pulled this off using the church.

The one side labored to have the right worship of God and discipline of Christ established in the – church, according to the simplicity of the gospel, without the mixture of men’s inventions; and to have and to be ruled by the laws of God’s Word.

And there it is, following God’s Word and not man’s inventions. This is what the church became, I believe it’s the very reason it even came into existence. In several places if you read the entire chapter you will find where William calls this apostate church and its governance antichristian, a very good and proper term I might add. So now let’s jump ahead and look at King James I and his persecutions on the true congregation of Jesus, and I know, your saying finally, right. I know I go way, way, way around the block to prove a point or show a truth, but listen, if you are going to go around and call this so-called Protestant saint, who has his own version of the Bible, that the Protestants adopted, that we use today, and claim he persecuted the true Christians, and was a form of antichrist, which I will be getting to soon, you better have a lot to back that up with. Friends that’s just the way I’am, I won’t write to you anything that I feel I can’t back up, and even then I ask you to do your own research, I do appreciate your patience though, and I do very much appreciate those who keep coming back to this study, because it’s for you, I have already been over all this myself, and I was compelled and led by the Spirit to tell others. Anyway let’s now jump ahead and see what William says about this beloved saint of the Protestants King James I. Chapter 1, bottom of paragraph 13.

And that their offices and callings, courts and canons (general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged) etc. were unlawful and antichristian : being such as have no warrant in the Word of God, but the same that were used in popery and still retained. Of which a famous author thus writer in his Dutch commentaries, at the coming of King James into England:

“The new king (Saith he) found there established the reformed religion according to the reformed religion of King Edward VI, retaining or keeping still the spiritual state of the bishops, etc. after the old manner, much varying and differing from the reformed churches in Scotland, France and the Netherlands, Enrden, Geneva, etc. whose reformation is cut, or sharpened much nearer the first Christian churches, as it was used in the Apostles’ time.” (Dutch commentaries)

So many, therefore, of these professors as saw the evil of these things in these parts, and whose hearts the Lord had touched with heavenly zeal for His truth, they shook off his yoke of antichristian bondage, and as the Lord’s free people joined themselves (by a covenant of the Lord) into a church estate, in the fellowship of the gospel, to walk in all His ways made known, or to be made known unto them, the Lord assisting them. And it cost them something this ensuing history will declare.

This right here is the Congregation of Jesus coming back to life once again, and being like that of the early congregation of believers under the Apostles, they joined themselves under a covenant with the Lord to follow His ways, and His ways only, not man’s. I wonder how disappointed William Bradford would be to one day find out, that the very man who persecuted them, for their true beliefs in Gods Holy Word, and not the traditions of men, would one day be praised by the Protestant churches and the ensuing history not told, but covered up in the institutionalization of the church with lies brought about by satan. After everything he and others went through, I couldn’t even imagine what he would think and feel. This again is how satan will use the institution of the church, and attack the Congregation of Jesus. This will happen again in the western world, it will be different, but the same, just as William Bradford said of his time, it will happen again in the now future, but it will be the worse persecution that ever occurred on the planet. Let’s continue Chapter 1, paragraph 16

These people became two distinct bodies or churches.

Now they have made the split away from the Apostate Anglican Episcopalian church, and formed their own assemblies. King James did not like this at all, either you worshiped his way, or you cannot worship God in the land at all. He was a prideful arrogant man, who loved power and wealth, one who does not fit the description of a true follower of Christ. Paragraph 18 now.

But after these things they could not bug continue in any peaceable condition, but were hunted and persecuted on every side, so as their former afflictions were but as fleebitings in comparison of these which now came upon them. For some were taken and clapped (into irons) in prison, others had their houses beset. Now let’s drop down to paragraph 20.

Yet seeing themselves thus molested, and that there was no hope of their continuance there, by a joint consent they resolved to go into the Low Countries, were they heard there was freedom of religion for all men.

So there you have it, King James persecuted these true believers to the point of fleeing the persecutions. You can read more in Of Plymouth Plantation, were William describes more of what King James had done to them, but as for my proof of persecution of the Congregation of Jesus, I rest my case. And we know the rest of the story, after they were in Holland roughly 12 years, they eventually came to the new world, were Jesus protected them the whole way, these people were very tough, brave, men and women, and all this was done in the name of Jesus, and truth, and Jesus and His truth will always prevail. You will have to notice however, that compared to the number of people in England that conformed to King James apostate Anglican Church of England, and coward down to his rulership as king, compared to those who split from the apostate church, and followed Jesus, and eventually fled, where nothing but a few in comparison, a remnant if you will, God always as His remnant, and satan used so called Christians, but they were not, to go out and be his tool for the persecutions, against the true believers of the congregation of the Lord. So now let’s look at this King James I, and see now where he was an antichrist. First off let me start by saying that, there has been a lot of controversy regarding King James being a closet Catholic, when really I’m going to say right now I could care less what King James was or wasn’t, I could care less what he said of himself, whether Protestant or Calvinist, I could care less, this man’s actions showed who he was, and he was a fake and a phony, and an antichrist. Therefore I myself could care less what he or anybody else says, this man opposed Christ, he went to war against Jesus, he persecuted Jesus’s children, His followers, and as the Bible says, His family, His brothers, His sisters, His mother, that’s how He describes us as His true followers, we are His family. So whether he (king James) was a “closet” Catholic, a Protestant Calvinist, or what ever he called himself, his actions scream antichrist. So now let’s look at the Bible and get a definition of what constitutes being an antichrist.
We will go right to the Apostle John for a definition of antichrist.

1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as you heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

1 John 2:22 who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

I want to look at these two verses, because many would say this; where did King James deny that Jesus is the Christ? He may not through word but he did through deed. Any one that opposes Christ is an antichrist, anybody who wars against His people, wars against Jesus Himself, therefore that person also is an antichrist, if your against Christ, you are the opposite of Christ therefore you are an antichrist. But understand this, and don’t fall for all the nonsense you read about how great he was, or how the Anglican Church is a Protestant church. First the Anglican’s believe you can confess your sins to a Priest, and now today an Anglican can confess even to a Catholic Priest, how special is that. Where in this is Jesus? Where in this confession of sins is Jesus the Mediator between us and the Father? He’s not there, He has been replaced by a man, therefore they deny that Jesus is the Son of God, and the Mediator between us and the Father, and they have replaced Him with a man, this is antichrist. Concerning King James I, who was the head, the leader, the supreme ruler of the Church of England? Was it Jesus? Was Christ the head of this church? No King James was, therefore he again replaced himself, instead of Christ, as the head of the church. This is antichrist, this my friends is that subtle, sneaky way, satan uses to deceive the church, and deny Jesus, this is what William Bradford was speaking about. Before I end this post I want to share one more thing with you, it is a quote from this Protestant saint King James I, and this is it. You can read this for yourself at, under King James I, then if you scroll down, you will see some of his quotes, this is the last quote listed “Kings are justly called gods for they exercise a manner or resemblance of divine power upon earth” King James I. Really King James? Gods, divine power, this is the true King James, this the Spirit of Antichrist, that man of sin, this is how he really felt, and the lie, the delusion, was so subtle and covered up, that it is still believed to this day that this antichrist James Stuart, King James was a great Christian, a saint, and by the way, just saying something like his quote, denies Jesus, and is stepping over that line that Domitian did, and it’s the very thing the final Antichrist will do, claim divinity. When you say that you resemble divine power, and are like a god, you are an antichrist. You are an enemy of Jesus, and guess what? In the end Jesus destroys His enemies. But after all this time why the coverup, how does this lie still continue that this King James was a great saint?Because satan wants the lie to continue, he needs the Protestant church, and the Catholic Church to do his biddings in the future, the last thing he wants is the truth to come out, and possibly a collapse of the man made church. Fact be known, the Protestant and Catholic church are both doing his work today, right now, so the lie continues. This is why in the next post we will be reading what Paul said, about this future Antichrist, that is still yet to come. The whole point of this study is to bring people to a point where they are equipped, and watchful, and spiritually ready, to understand and recognize this Antichrist, this man of sin when he comes on the scene, and not be fooled, so now is a perfect time to look at scripture on this very subject, because we need to start planting this scripture in our minds now, and throughout this study, so we as followers of Jesus, true disciple’s, will not be deceived, and not be cowards when the persecutions come, but be strengthen in wisdom and in truth, to be able to endure, like the early Congregation, and the Puritans, the ones who separated from the evil church, and be able to stand in the evil day, when it arrives. So we have concluded that King James was a persecutor, and antichrist. After we go over Paul’s writings in 2 Thessalonians, I have one more thing I want to uncover and expose about this beloved Protestant saint King James, and this I believe is where his heart was really at, I can’t judge a man’s heart even after his death, by the history written about him, but Our God does allow us to discern his actions, I will leave you with this, I don’t think King James was Catholic or Protestant, or a Calvinist, or even a mix of the two, I think his beliefs were more on the sinister side, but that will come later on, so keep coming back. Next post the Apostle Paul, until next, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I …Persecutor of Christians, Part III William Bradford [was King James I a form of antichrist?] cont.

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. We left off last post, with William Bradford writing about Christians fighting amongst themselves, and we covered the Arians and their doctrine. So here I will continue on, starting back with the Arians.

To recap, the Arians did not believe that Jesus was a deity, like the Father, and by the “church” this was found to be a heresy. This all occurred during the time of Constantine in the 4th century. So then when we read the forth paragraph of chapter 1 in the book Of Plymouth Plantation, it is not a conclusion to paragraph 3 as much as it is a introduction to the next few paragraphs that follow. What’s interesting and important to note is, that the first persecutions came to the early congregation of believers, by the emperors, before the man made institution of the “church” came into being. It just wasn’t there yet, the early congregation was pure, and consisted of Jewish, and Gentile believers, together. But we see that after the formation of the “church”, Christians began to argue, fight, and even persecute one another. What I want to do is start with paragraph 4, then hit some highlights in the proceeding paragraphs, to try and figure out what William was writing about when he mentions Antichrist. Let’s go now to Chapter 1, paragraph 4, in Of Plymouth Plantation.

The like method Satan hath seemed to hold in these later times, since the truth began to spring and spread after the great defection made by Antichrist, that man of sin.

“To hold in these later times”. So here William is now taking us to his present time. “Since the truth began to spring and spread”. This is something right here we need to focus on a bit. During the days of the Apostles and the early congregation of believers, the truth of the gospel and doctrines were pure, unadulterated by mans theologies, and was protected against satan’s infiltration of lies. This came after the formation of the “church,” and church leaders were telling the people what they should believe, and the people having no other means of knowing the truth, because the truth was hidden in writings that were not accessible to them, to read and understand themselves, the truth began to slowly be replaced with lies, and heresies. Even the Apostle Paul spoke a lot about how everywhere he would preach the gospel, these so-called super apostles would come right in behind him, and immediately distort the truth. Peter, Paul, John, James, and Jude all warned of this very thing, and after their deaths, it did not take long for satan to take hold of the newly formed “church” and to start replacing truth with lies. In a nut shell, and I will be covering this later as we will be studying the history of the early church, the Jews slipped back into Judaism, and the Gentiles formed the Roman Catholic Church, and all the apostasy, heresy, and blasphemy that came with it. The Congregation was split the truth hidden away, Satan got his way. Yes I understand their were other sects, but like I said in a nut shell, this is what happened, and the people found it hard to resist because they didn’t have access to scripture the way we do now. Something great happened centuries later, man began to translate the original text, into a language they could read, namely English, and once again they had access to the truth, and satan’s lies, and deceit began to show through. And just like in the early days of the Congregation of Jesus, when the truth shined like a light, like a candle that sits upon a table, that lights the darkness of a room, so it was, when the truth once again shined forth, it caused the darkness of the “church” to be exposed, and the light of the Congregation begin to shine. Satan did not like this, he did not like this at all, so you know what’s going to come next, persecutions. Then William goes somewhere that is very interesting, and whether he intended this, or it was the Spirit of God writing through him, he goes on to write this.

“After the great defection made by Antichrist, that man of sin.”

When I read this at first, I read it wrong, and it didn’t make sense to me. So I slowed down, like I often have to, and I had to pick apart the words, and define them, much like how I study scripture, I slow down and pick apart each word of each verse, so I know and fully understand what is being said. What threw me off was, William made a reference that is in scripture, of the future antichrist, but that’s still future, so being not the intelligent man that I’am, it just went right over my head, and I’m not ashamed to say that at all. I will be honest with all of you, some of these guys I read, and some of the articles I read, the writers are so intelligent, it (the way they write) goes right over my head. When this happens I just have to slow way down, and get the dictionary out, and then eventually I will finally understand what they are saying. I’m just an everyday average Joe, definitely not a brainiac. Anyway I looked up the word after and this is what I found
After – 1. In the time following (an event or another period of time)
This is the most common definition right? Well if you go down to the sixth definition you will find this in the New Oxford American Dictionary. 6. Concerning or about

Then William goes on to write “the great defection”

defection – the desertion of one’s country or cause in favor of an opposing one:

Then William goes on to write “made by the Antichrist, that man of sin”

Here he names him, that man of sin, we can find this in 2 Thessalonians 2:3

2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

So is this the future Antichrist that William is speaking about, or is it a Spirit of Antichrist, that he is mentioning. This my friends is where this gets very interesting. So in essence what William was saying in the fourth paragraph is something like this, concerning the great future desertion made by Antichrist, that man of sin. The method Satan is using, is a method of falling away from the truth, the desertion spoken, is a desertion away from the truth, and pulling those he (satan) can, away from the truth. The entire subject here is the truth, once we know the subject, we can really pick this apart. So now we will continue on with paragraph 5, and hit highlights, and let William explain paragraph 4 to us, and then we are going to the Bible and have Paul explain to us what William was saying about this future man of sin, the son of perdition. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I …Persecutor of Christians, William Bradford Part III [was King James a form of antichrist?]

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. Wow what an interesting question isn’t it? This man King James whom the Protestants hail has a great man, saying such things as “his sole purpose was to share the Gospel to the world,” etc. This man whose version of the Bible was adopted by the Protestants, and the very Bible we study today has is name on the cover. One has really got to ask, how can this man be a form of antichrist and still be accepted by the Protestant world as a great Christian man? How could so many millions be deceived? All these questions are great questions, and at the end of this post, I hope we can answer all these questions, and really begin to understand how sneaky satan is, how a little cover up can go a long ways, how the truth over time can be turned into lies and so easily believed. To start, let’s go back to the writings of William Bradford, and take off from there. We are going back to his book Of Plymouth Plantation, Chapter 1, paragraph 4

The like method Satan hath seemed to hold in these later times, since the truth began to spring and spread after the great defection made by Antichrist the man of sin. (

This above paragraph is really pretty intense, but could very easily just be over read, so I want to pick it apart a bit. William stars out by saying “this like method Satan hath seemed to hold.” What like method? The method used in the ancient times by the heathen and their emperors, which we covered extensively in the previous posts. Then in that paragraph (paragraph 3) William goes on to say “was not greater than of the Christians one against the other:- the Arians and other their complices against the orthodox and true Christians.” Now I had no idea what the word complice, or complices meant, when I looked it up in the Merriam -Webster’s this is what I found.

Complice: Middle English, from Middle French, from Late Latin complic-, complex, from Latin, closely connected, from complicare see 2 Complicate. First known use: 15th century. Then I looked up complicate, a word I am familiar with, and I found this.

Complicate-1: to make complex or difficult 2: Involve; especially : to cause to be more complex or severe.

Now this I can understand, so if we rewrite what William wrote to say this. “The Arians and the others, made it more complex and severe against the orthodox and true Christians.” To me it makes much more sense now. So the persecutions in ancient times was not greater than, the Arians and others, but actually became more complex and severe. This is a huge statement made by William Bradford, the early persecutions in ancient times to the early Congregation was pretty severe, to say the very least. So who are these Arians?

Arianism is a non-trinitarian Christological (Christology) doctrine which asserts the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was begotten by the God the Father at a point in time, a creature distinct from the Father and is therefore subordinate to him, but also divine. Arian teachings were first attributed to Arius (AD 256-336), a Christian presbyter in Alexandria of Egypt. The Arian concept of Christ is based on belief that the Son of God did not always exist but was begotten within time by God the Father.

Well isn’t this interesting, this is a severe misunderstanding of scripture, and totally removes Jesus from being God. So if there is any of you my readers who have been taught this and believe this doctrine here are some verses from the Bible you should really study, to understand the truth.

John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without was not anything made that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

One of Jesus’s names is the Word, and John clearly states that Jesus was always with the Father, never was he created later for the sake of the New Covenant. Also John tells us that all things were made by him, from the very beginning. Some might say; how do we know the Word was Jesus, and not just the authoritative Word spoken by the Father, that caused all things spoken into existence. You would be surprised how many people believe that creation was just spoken into existence by the command of the Father God. It’s based on Genesis of course and it does say that “God said.” However when you look at Genesis 2:2-3, you find something different.

Genesis 2:2-3. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. 3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

Here we find the account of the creation of things, and the words used were work and made, and it was described as work and then made, three times in these two verses. Now to me a spoken word is not work, but to need rest from the work, you would have to be carrying out some sort of physical activity. Speaking takes very little energy, so little, one doesn’t even realize the amount of energy it does take. So you have to look at this in a different way. The seventh day that God rested was considered holy, because he rested from his work, therefore he commanded the children of Israel to also rest from their work (physical activity), and rest from their labor. In the Strong’s Concordance, you will find basically, ( and I won’t write out its full definition), that it means occupation, work, business. If you look at Exodus 20:11 it describes why the sabbath was made, and why it is holy.

Exodus 20:11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

Then when you look at Exodus 20:10, the sabbath is given to the children of Israel.

Exodus 20:10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within the gates:

God said no work, not any speaking, he didn’t say for six days you shall speak, and on the sabbath day you shall not speak a word. Sounds silly doesn’t it? When creation occurred, it was God the Father who spoke out a command, and then it was God the Son who carried out the work, The Lord God made all things. And in Genesis, there was no separation or distinction made between the Father or the Son, but that it just says God, because there is only one God. Don’t get trapped into that thinking that the Son is separate from the Father, because they are not. There is One God, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, they are all one. How do I know this for a fact? Because Jesus said it, look now at John 10:30

John 10:30 I and my Father are one.

God is one, not three, but one. The trinity doctrine has done nothing but cause confusion and separation, between the Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit, they are not three separate but equal parts, there’s no three, there’s only One, and that One is God. Jesus never spoke about three parts to God, He only spoke as One, the One God, so don’t get caught up in that, we worship One God, and only One God, and they the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are equal. I’ve heard the egg analogy that tries to explain the so called trinity of God, where it says you have the shell, you have the yoke, and you have the white of an egg, all three are separate but all three make up the egg. Really? That’s all nonsense, and was a handed down teaching of man, not God. God is not three separate entities that make up God, God is One, one complete whole God. Again don’t be caught up in this doctrine of man that only causes confusion, just remember God is One. So back to the first question; how do we know Jesus is the Word? Well John already answers that also, look at John 1:14.

John 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Well there it is, no disputing that. Jesus has always been from the very beginning, with God because He is God, and here it is said, he is the Word. It’s a very dangerous thing to separate God, it causes false doctrines like Jesus came later and begotten by the Father to save mankind because the first way (the law) failed, therefore He had to come up with a different plan. This lie is called dispensationalism, and does nothing but cause a division between Jew and Gentile, makes their lie the rapture fit in, and is an extremely dangerous heresy. There are many, many verses that prove Jesus is God and has been from the beginning, so I hope maybe this shined some light on this Arian form of teaching, and that it clearly proves it’s false. So in conclusion, God is spoken of in Genesis as a singular, because simply friends, He is singular. God did not speak into existence creation, but spoke a command and the Son carried out the work, through obedience to the Father, but they are all God, remember ONE GOD.

Ok now that we know that the Arians did not believe that Christ did not always exist, therefore was not really God, like the Father is God. I can easily see where this form of belief would be a huge problem for the Puritans, because they where purist, they understood, and believed the Bible, the Word of God for what it said, and not some mans made up theory. Then William Bradford goes on to write that now there’s Christians persecuting Christians. William makes a special distinction here however, he goes on to state the Christians, and then the Orthodox and true Christians. And as usual I want to spend some time on this, so, this will have to be it for this post. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I… Persecutor of Christians Part II, William Bradford [Domitian] conclusion

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back. I’m hoping to conclude on Domitian today if time permits, and then back to William Bradford, and King James I. So let’s jump right back in where we left off.

Roman Gods – Divine Emperors: The nature of Roman gods expanded again as the Roman Empire came into contact with the belief of divine kingship. At first the, the Romans rejected the idea that a human ruler should be worshiped as a god. In 44 BC, Julius Caesar permitted a statue of himself with the inscription, “The unvanquished god”, and declared himself dictator for life. That same year, Julius Caesar was killed by citizens who wanted to see Rome return to its earlier republican ideas. Caesar’s heir, Octavian (Augustus), made himself the first emperor of Rome. However, he avoided any Claim to being divine. In fact, the notion that the emperor was divine was ridiculed throughout much of the 1st century AD. However, as the government of the Roman Empire became more autocratic and gave rulers almost unlimited power, emperors eventually led to the requirement of a sacrifice to the emperor as a sign of loyalty. The requirement of a sacrifice to the emperor became a significant source of conflict with early Christians. Christians refused to worship the emperor as god, and therefore, would not sacrifice to him. This led to persecution of the Christians by the Roman political authorities that enforced the practice. The period of worshipping Roman emperors as gods continued until 4th century AD, when Emperor Constantine the Great became the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity. In 392 AD, Emperor Theodosius I banned the practice of pagan religions in Rome altogether. (all about

Well there it is, a quick run through on emperors making themselves gods, and actually being sacrificed to. Remember Pergamon was the first capital of Rome’s Asia Minor provinces, and then it was moved to Ephesus, it is very possible that they performed these sacrifices on the Great Altar of Zeus, which probably was changed to the god Jupiter, but that is just speculation on my part. This type of worship is the very type of worship we will find with the final antichrist spoken about in Revelation, and just like in the book of Revelation, there was Christian persecutions because the true believers refused to bow down and sacrifice to, or call any man god. The major parallel here is this. The spirit of antichrist arose during the Roman Period, and that very spirit went after Gods Congregation, the battle began with the first Congregation of believers, and led to their deaths. The last will not be the spirit of antichrist but will be satan himself possessing a man that will proclaim himself as god, and the last Congregation of believers will refuse to bow down and worship him, therefore the persecutions continue just as it did to the early Congregation of believers, and their death. Domitian was the first to proclaim himself as a “master” and “god”, while he was still alive, he was the first to start that ball rolling, so even though he was not “the antichrist,” he was a form of antichrist and was obviously demon possessed. Let’s look at a few more things with Domitian, and then I will take a deeper look into this Pergamon altar.

Domitian the Spirit of Antichrist: Domitian took the title “lord and god” and ordered people to confess he was “lord and god” as a test of loyalty (Suetonius, The Lives of the Caesars, Book 8: Domitian 13). How prevalent was the imperial cult in Asia Minor? Of the seven cities mentioned in Revelation 2-3, five have imperial priests and altars (all but Philadelphia and Laodicea) and six have imperial temples (all but Thyatira). At Pergamon an imperial temple was established as early as 28 BC. The city was so central to the imperial cult that Revelation describes this city as having the “throne of Satan.” It was during the reign of Domitian when the imperial cult became a factor in unifying the empire in Asia Minor. The provincial cult allowed the Roman network of social obligations to be extended to virtually the whole population. If you lived within the empire, then you were a social client of the Emperor and owed him supreme allegiance. It is not hard to see, therefore, the struggle which Christians in the late first century would have showing allegiance to Rome – if that allegiance required worship of the Emperor, then the Christian must refuse or comprise their faith. (

So far look at the major parallels between the early Christians conflict of a man, ruling the world, proclaiming himself as god, to the latter conflict Christians will face, because of a man that is ruling the world, proclaiming himself as god. This my friends is satan at work, just as William Bradford was explaining, in fact it was so bad for the Congregation, that many believed that they were at the end of the age, at that time, and that Domitian was the antichrist that Paul warned about in II Thessalonians Chapter 2. Why wouldn’t they? But just like William Bradford was explaining, satan repeats himself, but the end is going to be so much more horrific, than the first for Jesus’s Congregation and His remnant. Moving on now,It gets even worse however, when the Roman Capital of Asia Minor is moved to Ephesus. Let’s take a look at that now.

The way I found this information I’m about to write about was actually from a Private Tour web site, like one you would use if you were planning a trip to Ephesus. It’s rather interesting because what I found out here, not many people have written about, a least those I read doing my research, so let’s take a look at this.

One of the famous edifices in Ephesus is the temple built for the Emperor Domitian on the terrace to the south of the square. When the Emperor Domitian (81-96 AD) was stabbed to death in the back by a servant of his, the temple was dedicated to his father Vespasian and later when Domitian was damned by the people, the temple was destroyed and even the name Domitian was erased from the inscriptions. It is famous for being the first temple built for an emperor in Ephesus. In the Roman period the building of temples for emperors was made a matter of honour among similar cities. (

God hated this man, and in the end he got what was coming to him, even his temple was given back to his father, and then destroyed, because this man was hated so much. Also his memory was not of a great god of the people, or emperor for that matter, but instead, his memory is of a ruthless demon possessed madman, completely controlled by satan. The last antichrist will be destroyed by Jesus, and thrown into the bottomless pit, satan will never win, and to those who have chosen to follow him, awaits everlasting torment. Nothing will win the victory over God or His Congregation of believers.

Temple of Domitian stood on the approximately 100 meters long terrace to the south of the square. On the east and west sides of the podium which was surrounded by a eight stepped crepis were large pediments supported by eight columns each. The long sides between these two had thirteen columns each. This structure made the edifice a prostyle. The altar which was decorated with the reliefs of weapons on display in the Ephesus Museum stood 10 meters in front of the temple. The Ephesians in order to thank the emperor had his statue made measuring 7 meters together with the base and placed it in the temple. The large head and arm of this statue are on display in the museum. (

Here we find there are three parallels to Domitian and the still future antichrist. 1 There is a temple built especially for him, nobody else. Don’t let the Zionist in the Christian Churches fool you into thinking that the third temple will be constructed for the Jews to carry out their old law traditions. It may be used that way at first, but the third temple will be constructed for their coming Messiah, the antichrist. It’s sole purpose is for him, he just doesn’t become a world ruler, and then say to himself “you know what? There’s a temple over in Jerusalem, I think I will just go over there and proclaim myself as god, and even set up an image in that temple that everyone will worship.” This is not the case, this third temple was planned a long, long time ago, I will be covering that extensively later in this study. 2 There is an altar built just for Domitian. Why? Well of course so people can make sacrifices to him as a god, just like they will with the final antichrist. 3 They made a image of him and set this in his temple to be worshiped, which is still around to this day, just like the final antichrist does. These three parallels are scary aren’t they. This is how satan works, he repeats himself. It happened once, it will happen again just as the Bible prophesied. This is what makes Domitian in my eyes the first form of antichrist that will be coming in the future, unlike Nero that started the first recorded Christian persecutions, and why I believe William Bradford had these two men in mind when he wrote of the early emperors satan used to persecute God’s Congregation. Now I want to look at this Pergamon Altar. Why is it on display in all places Berlin Germany?

The Nazis and the Altar of Satan: In Revelation 2:12, we have read about one of the seven assemblies, “the Assembly in Pergamum …where satan’s throne is,” The ancient city of Pergamum, or Pergamon, was the center of pagan worship in Asia Minor. The once- thriving city lay forgotten and in ruins till 1864 when German engineer Carl Humann began excavating it, finding one of ‘antiquities’ greatest monument, the Altar of Zeus. The altar was excavated and taken stone by stone to Berlin where it was reassembled in its own museum. The Turkish government agreed that the ancient foundation of the Pergamon Altar—Satan’s Throne—became the property of Germany. In 1930 the Pergamon Museum was opened to the public.

A few years later, the Nazi Party’s chief architect, Albert Speer, was commissioned by the new chancellor, Adolph Hitler, to design the parade grounds for the party rallies in Nuremberg. Speer turned to the Pergamon Altar for inspiration, using the altar as a model, Speer created a colossal grandstand, known as the Zeppelin tribune. In the following years’ mass rallies, Hitler descended down the steps like a tribune in Ancient Rome. (chi-usa .org).

Here we go again, when this evil pagan altar should have just rotted in the ground and be forever forgotten, some one used by satan had to find it and dig it up, and carry it off to be used by another very evil form of antichrist. This was no coincidence, no not at all. This altar lay in ruins for roughly over a thousand years, and now it’s excavation has it going to Germany. Why? Satan is going to use a model of it, to introduce his next big evil upon the world in the form of Adolph Hitler, and his evil Nazi Party. And notice how Hitler proceeds down the steps like a tribune of Rome. The nightmare is being reborn, satan repeats himself once again, let’s continue with this article.

Most of the Nuremberg rallies were held at night. The grandstand was surrounded with 150 search lights and the light columns extended for a mile in the sky, creating the mystical effect Hitler wanted. This effect was known as the “Cathedral of Light.” Inside the rally grounds, thousands of Nazi Party members marched in torchlit parades. From the altar’s podium, Hitler mesmerized the crowds as they swore a “holy oath” to Germany.(

The crows were mesmerized it says. What does this sound like to you? That’s right, it sounds like the mesmerizing that will take place with the final antichrist, the people it says just love him, and want to worship him. And this my friends did not happen that long ago, the crowds will be mesmerized again and swear a “holy oath” to the antichrist and his fourth beast system. Learn and do not be deceived, like the crowds of lulled to sleep people will be, when this man comes on the scene. This will be far worse, and much more deceiving than anything like it before. Let’s continue again to the article.

From 1933 to 1938 hundreds of thousands of Germans gathered at the Zeppelin field in September, but the 1934 rally captured the attention of the world, thanks to the film, Triumph of the Will, a propaganda documentary about Hitler and the Nazi Party. In the film, Hitler was portrayed like a messiah who descended down through the clouds to the faithful waiting for him below. The film was shown continuously for 12 years in Germany. After the film’s release, Hitler’s popularity skyrocketed so that more than a million Germans came to Nuremberg to hear his speech in the following September rally

On the evening of September 15, 1935, Hitler announced the Nuremberg Laws, “The law for protection of German Blood and German Honor was intended to begin the marginalization process of Jewish people,” said Dr. Anthony R. Santoro (Professor of Christopher Newport University). The new laws stripped the Jews of their rights as citizens. Then the Reich citizenship law was introduced, stating that Jewish people in Germany were the subjects of the Reich, but not citizens.

With the final antichrist, it will be the Cabal through the Noahide laws that will capture and kill Christians, a lot more on that extensively later also. So now to conclude the article, let’s continue.

It was also in Nuremberg that Hitler used the phrase Final Solution for the first time in public. Hitler’s final solution is known as the Holocaust, a word that comes from the Greek word meaning ” a wholly burnt animal sacrifice.” On the ancient Altar of Zeus in Pergamon, burnt sacrifice was practiced. Centuries later in German’s Nuremberg in the redesigned Pergamon Altar, Hitler announced his Final Solution to the world and this time, the burnt sacrifice was six million Jews. (

Well there you have it, very disturbing isn’t it, and as we go further on in this overall study, it just keeps getting more and more disturbing. Just a short note. During the 2008 Democratic Convention, Obama gave a speech onstage with what very much resembled the Pergamon Altar. For me I don’t really care, he’s gone, and we have a lot of other things to be concerned about, and not Obama. But I will say this of my own speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the seat of satan isn’t used again by the final antichrist. Not a model or prop, but the real altar that seems like it has been preserved and reserved for him, when he comes on the scene. Well that’s it for this post, and Domitian. Next post I will get back to William Bradford in Part III, King James I. Form of antichrist? Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I… Persecutor Of Christians, William Bradford Part II [Domitian] cont.

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back. Today we will continue right where we left off last post. This again is from Eusebius’s Book III, Chapter XX. Titled, The Relatives of Our Saviour. He takes these words from a man named Hegesippus.

Hegesippus, was born 110AD, and died April 7, 180 AD in Jerusalem, Palaestina. He was a Christian chronicler of the early Church who may have been a Jewish convert, and certainly wrote against heresies of the Gnostics and of Marion. Hegesippus’s works are now entirely lost, save eight passages concerning Church history quoted by Eusebius, who tells us that he wrote Hypomnemata; “Memoirs” or “Memoranda” in five books, in the simplest style concerning the tradition of the Apostolic preaching.

Back now to Book III, Chapter XX, of Eusebius.

1 Of the family of the Lord there were still living the grandchildren of Jude, who is said to have been the Lord’s brother according to the flesh?

2 Information was given that they belonged to the family of David, and they were brought to Emperor Domitian by the Evocatus. For Domitian feared the coming of Christ as Herod also feared it. And he asked them if they were descendants of David, and they confessed they were. Then he asked them how much property they had, or how much money they owned. And both of them answered that they had only nine thousand denarii.

4 (a paragraph is skipped here) half of which belonged to each of them; and this property did not consist of silver, but of a piece of land which contained only thirty-nine acres, and from which they raised their taxes and supported themselves by their own labor.

5 Then they showed their hands, exhibiting the hardness of their bodies and the callousness produced upon their hands by continuous toil as evidence of their own labor.

And when they were asked concerning Christ and his Kingdom, of what sort it was and where and when it was to appear, they answered that it was not a temporal or earthly kingdom, but a heavenly and angelic one, that would appear at the end of the world, when he should come in glory to judge the quick and the dead, and to give unto every one according to his works.

7 Upon hearing this, Domitian did not pass judgement against them, but, despising them as of no account, he let them go, and by decree put a stop to the persecution of the Church.

This to me is a very interesting account, because it shows possibly two things about Domitian. 1. That Domitian was aware that Jesus had already come upon the earth and died and rose again, and he was curious about Christ’s second coming, and saw it as no threat. Or 2. Domitian had no clue about Jesus, like maybe his father Vespasian, but only heard of a coming king through the lineage of David of the Jews. I myself am leaning heavily on number two and this is why. When Domitian asked the two grandchildren of Jude about the coming King, they answered correctly, because they had knowledge that Jesus had already came, sacrificed himself on the cross and rose from the dead to be with his Father in Heaven. Therefore when they were approached with this question, they automatically assumed that he (Domitian) was asking about Christ’s second coming. When they answered the question, Domitian was no longer concerned, because to him it probably sounded like a silly myth, and when he saw that they were poor and hard laborers, he thought to himself, how from these men could possibly rise a King, therefore they were of no threat. This my friends is exactly how our God works. Satan attacked the Christians and the Jews through Domitian, but through the truth, he was fooled, and the persecutions ended, and God spared his Congregation. Also if Domitian was aware of Jesus’s first coming, then surely he would have known of his humble beginnings, such as born in a manger to a young virgin mother Mary, married to a hard working tradesman Joseph, who labored to take care of his family, and was probably on all accounts poor. The very thing that Domitian saw as no threat, was the very way our Savior came into this world and lived in this world. That’s our God, He knows the thoughts of man, see’s it as foolishness, and then uses it according to His purpose.

To conclude, Domitian clearly persecuted the Congregation just as John Foxe wrote. As far as the Apostle John being put in a vat of boiling oil, or Timothy’s martyrdom under Domitian, I could not find evidence of that. Again, I could not find the resource or resources that John Foxe May have used.

Now we are at my favorite part, and that is searching out my favorite resource of all, and that’s the Bible, God’s most Holy Word. By doing this we are going to find out a little more about Domitian that the early Christian writers didn’t write about, or I should say that early Christian writers that I could find didn’t write about. Domitian is right there in the Bible but he is not named by John, therefore many theologians, and Bible prophecy teachers, when going over the book of Revelation, don’t even bring up is name and explain it as it should be explained, and taught. We are going to go to Revelation Chapter 2:13

The reason we are going here, is because here, Satan is mentioned twice. When ever Jesus is persecuted, it is always by satan, he hates Jesus, therefore His Congregation that declares his name and has His testimony, the Testimony of Jesus, we become satan’s enemy also. So when persecutions come upon His Congregation, it likewise is satan attacking and doing the persecuting, he is just doing it through someone. And when we, His Congregation are persecuted, He (Jesus) likewise is persecuted with us. And whenever satan uses someone to attack and persecute Jesus, that someone becomes an antichrist. Therefore I’m going to go back around the time the book of Revelation was written, and that would be around 95 AD, by John the Apostle, then I’m going to look for anything that is mentioned at or around that time, for any mention of satan, or the devil. And sure enough God did not let us down, He shows us clearly who Domitian was (antichrist) through the letters to the Assembly’s. So let’s go, let’s dive into this headfirst. This is the letter written to the Assembly of Pergamos, and this is what Jesus says.

Revelation 2:13- “I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”

The first thing I’m going to search out here is, this seat of Satan, that is located in Pergamos, and we will start with a little history about the city of Pergamos.

Pergamos: Greek Pergamon was an ancient city located in the Anatolia region, approximately 25 kilometers from the Aegean Sea in-present day, Bergama, Izmir Province of Turkey. Pergamon reached the height of its influence during the Hellenistic period, becoming the capital of the Attalid kings. During the Roman period the city was the first capital of the Asian province, but it eventually lost this status to local rival, Ephesus. Eumenes II succeeded Attalus I and he ruled Pergamon from 197 BC to 159 BC. In 190 BC, the Romans expelled the Seleucids from the Anatolia region. The Romans were not interested in ruling Anatolia themselves, so Eumenes II, who at one point had already become a friend and ally of the Romans, was now made the new ruler of the territory which had belonged to the Seleucids. Eumenes II took the initiative to enhance Pergamon’s prestige by enlarging it and turning it into a cultural capital. This was the time when the ‘Great Altar’ or ‘Pergamon Altar’ was created. (

So bingo, there it is. What was this Great Altar or Pergamon Altar? Let’s find out. Is this the seat of Satan? Let’s take a look now at this Altar.

Archaeology of Pergamon- The archaeological site of Pergamon has provided many fine works of the Hellenistic and Roman art but perhaps the most impressive is the altar which now resides in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The Great Altar was constructed during the reign of Eumenes II and has a surface area of some 36 by 34 meters. It is one of the most impressive works of art surviving antiquity. The altar was constructed around a staircase and the 2.3 meters high and 120 meter long frieze is topped by a colonnaded hall Sculpted in high relief, the frieze depicts lively representations of Zeus, Artemis and other Olympian gods fighting the Giants, symbolic of the victory of order over chaos. (

The first two questions I have here are 1. Why was it built? A altar is normally built for worship of some god, so was this god Zeus? Or another god perhaps. 2. What in the world is it doing in Berlin Germany? Doesn’t that seem strange? It does to me for sure, so let’s explore this a bit more, I don’t think that article gave us enough information on this altar, what Jesus called the seat of Satan.

The answer to question no. 1 is pretty easy to answer up to a point. When the Greeks built the altar it was for their god Zeus, and was called the Altar of Zeus, and is still named that to this day. But was Jesus talking about Zeus when He mentions satan? I don’t think so, it just doesn’t make sense. When the book of Revelation was written, it was under Roman rule, not Greek, but when the altar was built, it was built by the Greeks, so we have to explore a little now on Greek mythology verses Roman mythology, to maybe get a better picture of all this.

Greek Gods vs. Roman Gods: Although Greek gods are better known, Greek and Roman mythology often have the same gods with different names because many Roman gods are borrowed from Greek mythology, often with different traits. For example, Cupid is the Roman god of love and Eros is the Greek god of love.

Traits: Greek gods are given a beautiful, perfect physical appearance while Roman gods are not given physical form and represented only in the imagination of the people. Greek gods are mainly based on human personality traits like love, hate, honor and dignity, and myths related to the are shaped by theses traits. Roman gods are based on objects or actions rather than personality traits. ( when you continue on in this article, there’s a list of the names of Greek gods and their counterpart Roman gods, and in the list you will find the Greek god Zeus, is the Roman god Jupiter. If this is the case, and the time the book of Revelation was written, was under Roman rule in AD 95. Was Jupiter the satan Jesus was talking about? I’m still not at all convinced. And did the Romans still hold to the altar being for Zeus? Again, I don’t think so, Zeus wasn’t their pagan god. I have another question now. How did the Romans view their deities? Now let’s go all the way back, and then work forward to 95 AD and Domitian, because this dude was definitely different.

Roman Gods – Early Pantheism: Roman gods originated in the ancient “village” of Rome as the faceless and formless deities that supported farmers in their efforts with the land. The large number of Roman gods can most likely be explained by the pantheistic belief of “numen,” which holds that gods and spirits inhabit places, objects and living things. The early Romans believed that everything in nature was inhabited by numina.

Roman Gods – Later Expansion: Roman gods began taking on the forms that we would recognize today during the dynasty of the Etruscan kings that ruled the city of Rome in the 6th century BC. During this period, the Romans adapted a group of three Etruscan gods as the focus of state worship. These gods were worshiped at the grand temple on the Capitoline Hill, and as such, became known as the Capitoline triad. The triad consisted of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva. The Capitoline temple at this time became the focus of public worship. Jupiter was, king of gods, Juno was, queen of the gods and Minerva was, the goddess of wisdom.

Well that’s going to have to be it for this post, to be continued. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I… Persecutor Of Christians Part II, William Bradford, [Domitian] cont.

Hello everyone and thanks for coming back. Today let’s get right back to Domitian. We left off where the rumor was he killed his brother Titus, and we know so far that he was in his brother’s presence while they were traveling together at the time Titus fell ill with a fever.

Gossip also ran rampant that the new emperor had at one point even plotted to overthrow his brother and take the throne for himself. Whether or not he had a hand in Titus’s death, Domitian did not wait for his brother to die. He quickly returned to Rome and the Praetorian camp to be proclaimed emperor. Mystery, however, surrounded the last minutes before Titus’s death. There is some disagreement on the meanings of Titus’s last words: “I have made but one mistake.” Suetonius wrote he “gazed up at the sky, and complained bitterly that life was being undeservedly taken from him, since a single sin lay on his conscience.” He added, “… this enigmatic remark has been taken as referring to incest with Domitian’s wife, Domitia, she herself solemnly denied the allegation.” Suetonius did not believe this was the case because if she had, had an affair, she would have bragged about it. Some, those not overly found of the new emperor, took a more negative view of these words – Titus meant he should have killed Domitian when he had the chance. (

For reference: Suetonius, was Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, a Roman historian belonging to the equestrian order who wrote during the early Imperial era of the Roman Empire.

So we see, there is no hard evidence to show if Domitian really killed his brother or not. Two things however really stand out. One, he had a motive, and that motive was to gain emperor of Rome, he had a taste for power when his father Vespasian was battling in the eastern provinces, Domitian was the temporary representative of the Flavian family; he was even hailed by Roman citizens as “Caesar.” So this gave him a feel for power early in his life. But the real kicker is this, Domitian left to proclaim himself emperor before his brother had died. How did he know that Titus was going to die from the fever? Probably because he knew that the poison he used was a sure bet, and that first fever came and then death. So is there hard evidence to Domitian killing his brother as John Foxe made it sound? The answer, no, but it is very plausible that he committed the murder. Was Titus on his death bed regretting not killing Domitian? Did Titus feel that Domitian wanted him dead and out of the way, so he could rise to power? This we can never know. I searched high and low for the resource or resources that John Foxe may have used, but I could not find any information on that at all. I’m not in anyway saying John Foxe lied and made his statement sound like fact, when in fact it may not have been. I’m just saying I personally could not find his resource. That’s why it’s so important to search out everything for yourself, so you can make an accurate decision based on the information you have gathered, to decide what you are going to believe. This goes for Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, radio preachers, television preachers, YouTube videos or even me, etc. it may sound like what you want to hear, but it may not have any factual foundation, and therefore may not be the truth. This my friends is exactly how people get deceived, and begin to believe a lie, they don’t do the research. From my research, do I think Domitian killed his brother Titus? Yes I do. I think his motive was clear, and his actions suspicious enough, for me to conclude for myself that he more than likely killed his brother, but I cannot say that with one hundred percent fact, therefore I will not.

The next statement John Foxe wrote, was that Domitian then raised the second persecution of Christians, and put to death some of the Roman senators, so let’s now take a look at that.

I will start with the senators. This again will be from the writings of Suetonius, I prefer to use historians of or near the time, the allegations are made against someone, or an event or events occurred, because as we all know, truth a lot of times slowly disappears or covered up, and is replaced with hearsay, or fables, or lies overtime.

Domitian put many senators to death on the most trivial charges: among them a group of ex-Consuls, three of whom, Civica Cerealis, Achius Glabrio, and Salvidienus Arfritus, he accused of conspiracy; Cerealis was executed while governing Asia; Glabrio (executed) while in exile on another charge. Aeolus Lamia lost his life as a result of some harmless witticisms at Domitian’s expense, made several years previously: he had been robbed of his wife by Domitian.(from The Twelve Caesars By Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus @

Well that’s good enough for me on that one, John Foxe nailed it. Now let’s look at the Christian persecutions. Here I will be looking at the writings of Eusebius of Caesarea. There are many other writings from early Christian historians that one can read, and Eusebius mentions some, however for the sake of time, I will refer to Eusebius.

Eusebius of Caesarea: Born 260/265 Died 339/340 (age 74/79). Was also called Eusebius Pamphili, (flourished 4th century, Caesarea Palestine), Bishop, exegete, polemicist, and historian whose account of the first centuries of Christianity, in his Ecclesiastical History, is a landmark in Christian historiography. The writings that follow are from his book III, chapter XVII. Titled, The Persecutions Under Domitian.

Domitian, having shown great cruelty toward many, and having unjustly put to death no small number of well-born and notable men at Rome, and having without cause exiled and confiscated the property of a great many other illustrious men, finally became a successor of Nero in his hatred and enmity toward God. He was in fact the second that stirred up a persecution against us, although his father Vespasian had undertaken nothing prejudicial to us.

So by this account, we can conclude that there was an historical record of Christian Persecution that occurred during Domitian’s reign. Now I want to warn you, that during your own research in this matter, you may encounter a new theology that some are throwing out there. Some believe that the book of Revelation had already came to pass at the burning and destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Titus, Domitian’s brother in AD 70. And that the persecutions that is mentioned had to be under Nero, this is ludicrous, to say the least. There is so much evidence that proves otherwise, that I’m not going to take the time to cover it now, that won’t come till way later in this study when I cover the fourth beast system under antichrist, but I did want to warn you, do your research carefully, don’t be confused by these new theologies, they are put in place to deceive people by satan, to take away the importance of the prophecy of Revelation, so we are not deceived on what is still future, and putting it away in the past, like it already occurred, this is heresy.

Next John Foxe wrote about Domitian commanded all the lineage of David be put to death. This is very interesting because this is an attack on the lineage of Jesus, so I wanted to look into this also, and this is what I found. The following is from Eusebius’s Book III, Chapter XII. Titled, Vespasian Commands the Descendants of David to Be Sought.

He also relates (Hegesippus) that Vespasian after the conquest of Jerusalem gave orders that all that belonged to the lineage of David should be sought out, in order that none of the royal race might be left among the Jews; and in consequence of this a most terrible persecution again hung over the Jews.

Here we find Emperor Vespasian tried to begin the total annihilation of the lineage of David. Why? Because he did not want a king to rise up in opposition to his kingdom. Somehow he had knowledge that a king was to rise up out of the lineage of David, but obviously didn’t understand or believe that this king he feared, that would rise to power, had already came in the flesh, but because Jesus did not come the first time as the King He is, but as a sacrifice, Jesus was not recognized by this pagan emperor. But somehow Vespasian knew a great king would rise from the lineage of David. How did he know? I have no idea, but this I do know, satan hates the lineage of David, so satan obviously used Vespasian as a tool to try and eliminate the entire remnant of David’s lineage. Yes you caught that didn’t you, I wrote remnant, but that’s way later in this study, so keep coming back. It is possible that Vespasian just hated the lineage Jesus came from, but that really isn’t mentioned so it’s very hard to say. Ok next is from the writings of Eusebius’s Book III, Chapter XIX. Titled, Domitian Commands the Descendants of David to Be Slain.

But when this same Domitian had commanded that the descendants of David should be slain, an ancient tradition says that some of the heretics brought accusation against the descendants of Jude ( said to have been a brother of the Saviour according to the flesh), on the ground that they were of the lineage of David and related to Christ himself.

To be continued my friends, until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

What Our God Did For Us

Hello everyone. Yesterday morning I read this quote from Melito of Sardis, and so while I had time this morning while on vacation, I really wanted to share it with you my readers, because it really touched my heart.

And so he was lifted up upon a tree and an inscription was attached indicating who was being killed. Who was it? It is a grievous thing to tell, but a most fearful thing to refrain from telling. But listen, as you tremble before him on whose account the earth trembled! He who hung the earth in place is hanged. He who fixed the heavens in place is fixed in place. He who made all things fast is made fast on a tree. The Sovereign is insulted. God is murdered. The King of Israel destroyed by an Israelite hand. This is the One who made the heavens and the earth, and formed mankind in the beginning, The One proclaimed by the law and prophets, The One enfleshed in a virgin, The One hanged on a tree, The One buried in the earth, The One raised from the dead and who went up into the heights of heaven, The One sitting at the right hand of the Father, The One having all authority to judge and save, Through whom the Father made all things which exist from the beginning of time. This One is “the Alpha and the Omega,” This One is “the Beginning and the End” The beginning indescribable and the end incomprehensible. This One is the Christ. This One is the King. This One is Jesus. This One is the Leader. This One is the Lord. This One is the One who rose from the dead. This One is the One sitting on the right hand of the Father. He bears the Father and is borne by the Father. “To him be the glory and the power forever. Amen.” (Melito of Sardis 2nd century AD)

I thank the Lord my God for the blessing of salvation, a man who is truly not worthy. To all my readers, have a great day today, while you think on this. It is truly a blessing to be saved, and in the hands of the Father, now and forever. Oh what we have to look forward to, nothing on earth, all the troubles, all the heartaches, all the disappointments, all the hurts, and sadness that comes while being in these bodies of ours, will never take away the joy we have, and the peace we feel, knowing what is to come for eternity because we believed, and became obedient to Him, the One we love, Jesus. Amen!


King James I…Persecutor Of Christians Part II, William Bradford, [Domitian]

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. Today we are going to continue on now with the second persecution under Emperor Domitian. Both Nero and Domitian were persecutors of the Congregation of Jesus during the time of the Apostles, before the great falling away occurred. The Congregation was new and pure, and following the exact teachings of the great Apostles, and the Congregation was growing leaps and bounds, Jews and Gentiles alike. So satan set out to destroy the Congregation, and he used these two emperors to do just that. What’s interesting about Domitian is, he was our first glimpse into a form or likeness of antichrist, and therefore his tactics should be made well aware. Remember satan always repeats himself, just like history does. So let’s get started with Domitian, and I will again refer to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.

First however, I don’t believe I properly introduced Mr. Foxe, so here is a brief introduction.

John Foxe was born at Boston, in Lincolnshire, in 1516, and died April 8, 1587. He is most famous for his publication of “Foxe’s Acts and Monuments of the Christian Church” more commonly known as “Fox’s Book of Martyrs.” In the 1550’s, the Church at Geneva, Switzerland, was very sympathetic to the reformer refugees and was one of only a few safe havens for a desperate people. Many of them met in Geneva, led by Myles Coverdale and John Foxe. There, with the protection of the great theologian John Calvin ( author of the most famous theological book ever published, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion) and John Knox, the great Reformer of the Scottish Church (Kirk), the Church of Geneva determined to produce a Bible that would educate their families while they continued in exile.

Now before I go on, you might be wondering why John Foxe and William Bradford used the word “church,” and not congregation. The Geneva Bible was translated using the word “church” instead of congregation. Later in another post, I will be looking at the history of the Geneva Bible and the King James Bible together. I use congregation because that’s how the Bible is really translated, but a lot of great men and women, then and today use the word church, meaning congregation, because like us, they also were taught to believe that the word “church” was a proper translation for the body of Christ. Nothing on this earth is perfect, nor anything handed down to us is perfect, however the message God wants us to have, and receive from these translations, will be no doubt relayed to us, satan cannot stop that. God’s true word and message is perfect, and no power, dominion or force, can keep God’s message from us, what He wants us to know, He will let us know. Ok, well let’s move on to Domitian.

From Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

The Second Persecution, Under Domitian, AD 81- The emperor Domitian, who was naturally inclined to cruelty, first slew his brother, and then raised the second persecution against the Christians. In his rage he put to death some of the Roman senators, some through malice; and others to confiscate their estates. He then commanded all the lineage of David be put to death. Among numerous martyrs that suffered during was Simeon, bishop of Jerusalem, who was crucified; and St. John who was boiled in oil, and afterward banished to Patmos. Flavia, the daughter of a Roman senator, was likewise banished to Pontus; and a law was made, “That no Christian, once brought before the tribunal, should be exempted from punishment without renouncing his religion.” A variety of fabricated tales were, during this reign, composed in order to injure the Christians. Such was the infatuation of the pagans, that, if famine, pestilence, or earthquakes afflicted any of the Roman provinces, it was laid upon the Christians. These persecutions among the Christians increased the number of informers and many, for the sake of gain, swore away the lives of the innocent. Another hardship was, that, when any Christians were brought before the magistrates, a test oath was proposed, when, if they confessed themselves Christians, the sentence was the same. Timothy was the celebrated disciple of St. Paul, and a bishop of Ephesus, where he zealously governed the Church until AD 97. At this period, as the pagans were about to celebrate a feast called Catagogion, Timothy, meeting the procession, severely reproved them for their ridiculous, idolatry, which so exasperated the people that they fell upon him with clubs, and beat him in so dreadful a manner that he expired of the bruises two days later. (

It’s interesting that Domitian was in power as a form of antichrist, written in the Book of Revelation, at the time John received the vision of the coming antichrist, in the last days. There are definitely some parallels between the two, that I want to examine. First let’s take a look at this antichrist Domitian.

Domitian was born in Rome on October, 24 AD 51, the youngest son of Vespasian, Roman emperor (AD 69-79) and Domitian I, a treasury clerk’s daughter. Vespasian was appointed to the prestigious proconsulship of North Africa in AD 59, and seven years later was granted a special command in the East by the emperor Nero (AD 54-69) to settle a revolt in Judaea; Titus, Domitian’s older brother by at least ten years and Vespasian’s eventual successor as emperor, had married well in the 60’s and was chosen as a legionary legate under Vespasian in the East.

There is actually very little written about Domitian’s Christian persecutions, aside from John Foxe’s account, therefore a different approach must be taken to find out more. In order to do that, we will turn to the Bible, to possibly find out more. To dive in deeper to what Foxe wrote let’s break it apart, because we already know encyclopedias can be very cunning and lead people away from the truth, and still be factual to some degree.

Let’s start with Domitian killing his brother. Today there is no way to find hard evidence, however after careful digging I did find this. This I found at (, and in my eyes, and with what John Foxe wrote, this seems plausible and makes the most sense considering the type of man Domitian was.


His ascension to the throne came on September 14, 81 AD when Titus died of natural causes while he and his brother were traveling outside Rome.

So far we see at the time Titus fell ill with a fever, he was with Domitian traveling abroad, so he was in Domitian’s presence.

Later, rumors circulated that Domitian may have had a hand in his brother’s death, possibly by poison. Gossip also ran rampant that the new emperor had at one point even plotted to overthrow his brother and take the throne for himself. Whether or not he had a hand in Titus’s death.

As Christians, we know rumors are but rumors, and gossip should not be listened to, and generally is not the facts. However, we also know that sometimes, there is a little truth in a lie, a little truth in a rumor, a little truth perhaps behind the gossip, but I hate gossip, to me gossip is talk behind someone’s back, and is slanderous, and that’s why God hates it to. But it does all depend on who knows what, and how they know it, and are they the one’s who started the rumors. Many crimes have been solved by detectives, by so-called rumors on the streets.

Well that’s going to have be it for this post do to time restraints. Domitian is going to take a little more time, and a lot more investigative work than Nero did. A lot about Domitian’s persecutions is not easily found. Actually it seems that Domitian’s history was written, to put him in a brighter light, so to speak, but we will uncover the truth. This will be my last post for the month of September, I’m going on vacation, which is much needed, so my next post will be the very beginning of October, so I hope you will come back then. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I…Persecutor Of Christians, Part II, William Bradford, [Nero]

Hello everyone, thanks for coming back. Let’s take off right where we left off last post, with William Bradford speaking of the persecutions.

So as in the ancient times, the persecutions by the heathen and their emperors was not greater than of the Christians one against the other:- the Arians and other their complies against the orthodox and true Christians. As witnesseth Socrates in his second book. The violence truly ( saith he) was no less than that of old practiced towards Christians when they were compelled and drawn to sacrifice to idols; for many endured sundry kinds of torment often rankings and dismembering of their joints, confiscating of their goods; some bereaved of their native soil, others departed this life under the hands of the tormentor, and some died in banishment and never saw their country again.

The like method Satan hath seemed to hold in these later times, since the truth began to spring and spread after the great defection made by Antichrist, that man of sin.

So let’s go back now and examine this closely. The paragraph I’m going to be looking at first was actually in my last post, but I will rewrite the highlights. William Starts out by saying that satan had to change his strategy in his war against the Gospel. “He then began to take him to his ancient stratagems used of old against the first Christians.” Let’s go back and look at the early persecutions by the emperors that William was talking about. To do this we will go right to the book William mentions; Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs, the book is actually mentioned later in his writings, it is a very fascinating but sad book to read however, our brothers and sisters from our past, had to endure some very horrific things. It’s violent, brutal and torturous, just like Satan is. He hates Jesus, and he hates those who hold the truth, and are His, because he knows he has already been defeated by the New Blood Covenant, and he has but a short time. I’m going to be looking at the two emperors that persecuted the early Congregation, when it began, and was not hidden yet. When it was true to the teaching of the Apostles, and not fallen away yet to the apostasy and heresies, of the man made “church,” that satan has used, and is using, and will use again in his war against Jesus, and the one true Gospel. The following is from Chapter II, of Foxe’s book. You can go to ( to read the entire chapter.

The First Persecution, under Nero, A.D. 67: The first Persecution of the Church took place in the year 67, under Nero, the sixth emperor of Rome. This monarch reigned for the space of five years, with tolerable credit to himself, but then gave way to the greatest extravagancy of temper, and to the most atrocious barbarities. Among other diabolical whims, he ordered that the city of Rome should be set on fire, which order was executed by his officers, guards, and servants. While the imperial city was in flames, he went up to the tower of Macaenas, played upon his harp, sung the song of the burning of Troy, and openly declared that ‘he wished the ruin of all things before his death.’ Besides the noble pile, called the Circus, many other places and houses were consumed; several thousands perished in the flames, smothered in the smoke, and buried beneath the ruins.

Let’s examine this, and go more into detail here. Let’s take a look at the man satan used first, to attack and kill some of Jesus’s Congregation, that William speaks of.

Nero born in 37 AD and reigning for more than 13 years, from 54 AD till his death in 68 AD. Nero was born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. He was the only son of Gnaeus Domitrius Ahenobarbus, consul of Rome, and his wife Agrippina. Agrippina was the younger sister of another infamous emperor Caligula. After a failed murder plot of her brother, she was exiled out of Rome. This proves insanity does sometimes run in the blood. Friends it gets worse. Domitrius Nero’s father died in 40 AD. Caligula was eventually murdered in January 41 AD making Claudius, Agrippina’s uncle, the Roman emperor. Claudius allowed Agrippina to return from exile. Big mistake on his part, but this guy was a real piece of work also.

After poisoning her second husband, Agrippina married her uncle, Emperor Claudius, in 49 AD. It was the fourth marriage of Claudius and he had his previous wife Messalina executed in 48 AD. Doesn’t this sound a lot like Henry VIII, Satan not only uses the same tactics, he also uses the same type of people, because they are like him, evil. At age 13, Nero was adopted by Emperor Claudius and took the name by which he is famous, Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus. Being older than his stepbrother Britannicus, Nero became heir to the throne. In 53 AD, Nero married his stepsister Claudia Octavia, daughter of Claudius and Messalina. Claudius died in 54 AD, and many historians believe he was fed poisoned mushrooms by Agrippina. Imagine that. Claudius’s death made Nero Emperor in 54 AD, before he had turned 17. He was the youngest ever Roman Emperor till that time.

Nero was unsatisfied with his marriage to Octavia and began an affair with Poppaea Sabina, wife of his friend and future emperor Otho. Agrippina opposed this affair and responded by promoting her stepson Britannicus as the true heir to the throne. Britannicus died in February 55 AD under mysterious circumstances. He was probably poisoned by Nero. In AD 59, Nero ordered the execution of his mother.

Nero divorced his wife Octavia on grounds of infertility and adultery. He later had her executed in June 62 AD. Sounds again just like Henry VIII, evil just repeats itself over and over. Nero then married Sabina in 62 AD. The couple had a daughter who died in infancy. Sabina died in 65 AD reportedly due to Nero kicking her in her belly during her second pregnancy. In early 66 AD, Nero married Statilia Messalina after forcing her husband to commit suicide. In 67 AD , Nero ordered the castration of Sporus, a former slave. He then married him, which historian Cassius Dio claims was, because Sporus bore an uncanny resemblance to Nero’s dead former wife Sabina.

Now before I go back to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, I want to look at one more thing. During the burning of Rome, did you notice what was called the noble pile called the Circus. What was that? Well I will explain. It was Circus Maximus, Circus Maximus was a chariot racetrack in Rome first constructed in the 6th century BC. The Circus was also used for other public events such as the Roman Games and Gladiator fights. It was also used as a place to entertain the public, witnessing the brutal murders of Christians, as probably the Colosseum was used also. We will be getting back to that later, but let’s look at the word Circus.

Circus: Webster’s Dictionary- drop down to the third definition and you see a obsolete: circle, ring

Circle: Webster’s Dictionary- Origin: Middle English cercle, from Latin circulus, diminutive of circus, circle, from or akin to Greek krikos, kirkos ring

Church: Webster’s Dictionary- Origin Middle English chirche, from Old English cirice, ultimately from Late Greek, neuter of kyriakos of the Lord, master; akin to Sanskrit sura hero, warrior.

Now when you look at the above three words you see three separate, distinct words, with three separate meanings, don’t you. One would never think to somehow join these three words together, except for some churches today might as well be a circus. Well let’s dig into this, leaving no stone unturned. As we saw above the word Church, would mean house of the Lord, or the Lords house. This in itself is a very poor derivative since it refers to a place (house) and not a assembly or congregation of people, the way the Lord intended.

Ebenezer Cobham, Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable written in 1898, reads this regarding the word “church.”

“The etymology of this word is generally assumed to be from the Greek, Kuriou oikos (house of God); but this is most improbable, as the word existed in all the Celtic dialects long before the introduction of Greek. No doubt the word means “a circle.” The places of worship among the German and Celtic nations were always circular. ( Welsh, cyrch, French, cirque; Scotch, Kirk; Greek, kirk-os, etc.) Compare Anglo- Saxon circe, a Church, with circol, a circle.” (

If “church” is derived from the word “circle” how then did the original Greek word ekklesia become “church” or “circle?”

Throughout England, pagan religious gatherings were always held at a circle. The druids with their Stonehenge, the Celts, and Saxons also met at stone circles, to worship their gods. Many of these stone circles still exist today throughout England and about twenty eight are found in Wycliffe’s Yorkshire area. Many of the the first English Christian buildings for worship were located on these circle sites, or were built using stones from these circles. Through this association the people of Wycliffe’s day continued to call these buildings a “Kirk” (Scottish), a cirice (Old English) , or chirche ( Wycliffe’s version), each variation meaning “circle” and describing a place-occult-and not the people. (

The pagans were using the word “church” long before Christians ever began using it. If you go back to the Greek again and the meaning is “the Lords house” or “house of the lord” what lord are they referring to. It cannot be Jesus, this was before Jesus. It referred to the “sun god” and this god goes way back and is part of the mystery religions, and this sun-god has many names that go all the way back to ancient Egypt. I will be going over that later in this study. It’s referred in the Bible as Mystery Babylon, but that will come later. It was Constantine that worshiped the sun god Mithra. This god was famous among the pagans, and this god was worshiped in a building or temple. When Constantine was supposedly converted to Christianity, he converted his Mithra god into the Christian house, or church. Supposedly He was the one that transformed the called out assembly, (Congregation) into a church recognized as a building. Therefore just like King James I, Constantine had control over the Church and state, full power over everything if you will.

Where am I going with all this? The word church has it’s pagan origins, therefore I won’t even use it now, when I talk of the Lord’s Congregation. The word has absolutely no business being in the Bible, and it relates to the Circus where are brothers and sisters were martyred. Circus, Circle, Church, this is how they all relate, and today Christians use this word for Christ’s body, a pagan word with very evil origins. Does this sound right? This was a very cunning act on satan’s part. By doing this he now was able to gain control, whereas he could never have control over the Congregation, it belongs to God, nobody or nothing can touch it and make it false, a lie. So satan had to form this lie of a man made institution called the “church” to be able to call away believers from the faith into the lie, to be able to manipulate it and use it for his various purposes. But those whom fell away were not true believers, they did not stay the course by faith, but were able to believe a lie. I will be doing a post soon on this very subject, and using scripture to show what battle is raging between Jesus and satan constantly. Back to Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs.

This dreadful conflagration continued for nine days; when Nero, finding that his conduct was greatly blamed, and a severe odium cast upon him, determined to lay the whole upon Christians, at once to excuse himself, and have an opportunity of glutting his sight with new cruelties. This was the occasion of the first persecution; and the barbarities exercised on the Christians were such as even excited commiseration of the Romans themselves. Nero even refined upon cruelty, and contrived all manner of punishments for the Christians that the most infernal imagination could design. In particular, he had some sewed up in skins of wild beasts, and then worried by dogs until they expired; and others dressed in shirts stiff with wax, fixed to axletrees, and set on fire in his gardens, in order to illuminate them. This persecution was general throughout the whole Roman Empire; but it rather increased than diminished the spirit of Christianity. In the course of it, St. Paul and St. Peter were martyred. (

So we see this demon possessed madman in a fit of total insanity, light Rome on fire. Then when the Romans suspected it was him, he turns around like the total coward he was and blamed the Christians. During that time, the early Congregation of Believers was pure, there wasn’t the man made pagan “church” yet, therefore satan had to use the pagan Emperor of Rome to attack and kill the believers. The Romans already didn’t like the Congregation so it was easy for Nero to pull this off. It even became entertainment for the Romans, to watch the Christians being slaughtered. It’s easy to see what a nation without God, with rulers and leaders that do not know God, can become. Our nation is not far away from this. Brutality can sweep a nation overnight, when that nations Godly morals has been purposely stripped away from it; that is our nation now. Wherever you remove the one true God, satan will always fill the void that’s left, and then what you have left is a ungodly society just like Rome, that is capable of doing some very horrific things, things unthinkable really. Satan crept in and took advantage of this insane Emperor, and was able to kill Paul and Peter, and many other devout men and women. Paul and Peter was truly a thorn in satans side, and by their work, the Congregation was growing, and even after these murders, we are told it did not cause believers to shrink back in cowardice, instead through the strength of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel moved forward even more. Satan uses death, and destruction; Jesus uses grace, mercy and love to further His advancements in the war to further His Kingdom. People don’t want much to do with Jesus anymore, they love instead the pleasures of sin and what this world offers, unfortunately what they really have chosen is satan, even when more than likely they don’t even realize it, because they don’t care much anymore to think about it. That’s a very sad place to be. Today’s world is; if it feels good do it. In the end however it won’t feel good, it will be eternal torment, Jesus “says there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,” that’s the choice they are making.

Nero’s death was caused due to a revolt led by Servius Sulpicius Galba. The Roman economy suffered due to Nero’s grand reconstruction of Rome. The instability of the empire was furthered by revolts in Britain and Judea and conflicts with Parthia. In 65 AD, there was a plot to assassinate Nero but it was discovered and the conspirators executed. In March 68 AD Gaius Julius Vindex, governor of Gallia Lugdunensis, rebelled against Nero’s tax policies, He recruited another governor Servius Sulpicius Galba, and told him to declare himself emperor. As the rebellion spread, support for Galba increased. On a false report of the Senate planning to beat him to death, Nero asked his private secretary, Epaphroditos, to end his life. He therefore died on June 9, 68 AD after reigning over the empire for more than 13 years. Good riddance!

Well that’s it for this post. Next post we will be looking at Domitian, he was the first antichrist figure to persecute the Congregation of Believers. He was the emperor that put Jesus’s beloved disciple John in prison, where he saw the Revelation of Jesus. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth, leaving no stone unturned.

King James I…Persecutor Of Christians. Part II, William Bradford

Hello everyone, thanks for coming back. In this post, I will be taking a look at the first hand accounts of William Bradford. First I would like to add a little biography of, in my eyes, a very great man. So let’s get right to it.

Synopsis: Believed to have been born in 1590, William Bradford became a leading figure in the Puritans’ Separatist movement. He and congregants eventually sailed from England on the Mayflower to establish a colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where Bradford became longtime governor after a devastating winter. He died in 1657, with much of the history of the settlement recorded in his two volume work, Of Plymouth Plantation. (

It will be from these writings I will be taking his accounts of the persecution led by the Royalty of England, against the Puritan Separatist.

Background: William Bradford was believed to have been born in Austerfield, Yorkshire, England, in March 1590, with records indicating his baptism being held around this time. His parents died early in his childhood, leaving Bradford in the care of various relatives. Attending a religious service in Scrooby before his teen years, the youngster joined the Separatist denomination, a more radical branch of Puritanism that believed in removing itself from the Church of England. He and other congregants eventually fled to the Netherlands to escape persecution, though in their adopted land, they still faced attacks, due to the country’s affiliation with England’s King James I. (

Before I continue on here, I want to bring something to everyone’s attention. It’s interesting to note, that after the Bible was able to be published and printed and available to the public. It didn’t take long for the truth of scripture to leap off the pages, and for those to see that The Roman Catholic Church was in full Apostasy. The Church did not adhere to most of what scripture said, and this in itself started the Protestant reforms, with Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale etc. However when the Puritans saw that the Church of England was this ugly mixed mess of Catholicism and Protestantism, called Anglicanism, they knew it was time to Separate and stay true to God’s most Holy Word. They were not compromisers, like King James and those who remained in the Church of England, they had integrity and held fast to the truth, and was not going to let anyone, or any church, or any King force them to do otherwise. This is the true congregation of Jesus, the true believers, not the “church” as some would like to believe. The Holy Spirit moved through the pages of the Bible, and the truth came to light. This is why the Roman Catholics didn’t want the people to have Bibles, they didn’t think they had God’s wisdom like they thought they had, to understand the Word. They were wrong, again the “church” shows it’s true colors, colors that are not of God, but of man. Now let’s go right to William Bradford and let him tell us what it was like, under the persecution by the “church” and under today’s Protestant denominational “churches” Royal Saints of England. I pray they wake up, and learn the truth.

Of Plymouth Plantation: Chapter 1

[The Separatist Interpretation Of The Reformation In England, 1550-1607]

It is well known unto the godly and judicious, how ever since the first breaking out of the light of the gospel in our honourable nation of England, ( which was the first of nations whom the Lord adorned therewith after the gross darkness of popery which had covered and overspread the Christian world), what wars and oppositions ever since. Satan hath raised, maintained and continued against the Saints, from time to time, in one sort or other. Sometimes by bloody death and cruel torments; other whiles imprisonments, banishments and other hard usages; as being loath his kingdom should go down, the truth prevail and the churches of God revert to their ancient purity and recover their primitive order, liberty and beauty.

Ok let’s take a look at this and break it down, so we can clearly understand what William was telling us, and reading now in the twenty first century. We need to understand, and learn from this man. He starts out with, what I was saying earlier, that in England the Bible was translated, and the truth of the gospel came to light. Before was the dark days of popery, or the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. He then goes on to say that this “church” with its apostasy and false doctrine overspread the Christian world. Remember only the hierarchy of the church had the Bible, which was printed by hand, and interpreted to say exactly what they wanted it to say. The commoners did not have the Bible to read like we do, all they could do was trust what the Pope and other hierarchy was telling them. This was truly the dark ages, the truth from the early Apostles was now fully hidden, and the Congregation severely wounded, by Satan through the false satanic church, of the Roman Catholics. Satan was in full control of it and was using it to keep salvation away from the people. And it was working, but our God said no more, and He allowed the people to come out of the darkness of Satan and the Roman Catholic Church, and learn once again the one true gospel, the gospel of the early congregation of believers. Then William goes on to say that it was satan, that attacked through various different ways the congregation of Jesus, to try to destroy the spreading of the gospel, and the truth. Satan did this using a “church.” And Satan used this church to fight against his number one enemy, Jesus. Then William goes on to say that satan was worried that his kingdom should go down, and the truth prevail, so that the churches (congregation) of God should learn and revert back to their ancient purity and recover their primitive order. The primitive order is not the “church,” the primitive order is the congregation of God. The One Congregation of God, not thousands of “churches” satan can use at any moment in time for his purposes, because the “church is man” the “congregation is God.” The “church” enslaves and holds one in bondage, to their doctrines and traditions, but as William said, that the congregation would revert to their ancient purity and recover their primitive order, which is liberty and beauty, Amen. See so far now, how my earlier posts should be starting, I hope, to make much more sense. Let’s continue.

But when he could not prevail by these means against the main truths of the gospel, but that they began to take rooting in many places, being watered with the blood of the martyrs and blessed from Heaven with a gracious increase; he then began to take him to his ancient stratagems, used of old against the first Christians. That when by the bloody and barbarous persecutions of the heathen emperors he could not stop and subvert the course of the gospel, but that it speedily overspread, with a wonderful celerity, The then best known parts of the world; he then began to sow errours, heresies and wonderful dissensions amongst the professors themselves, working upon their pride and ambition, with other corrupt passions incident to all mortal men, yea to the saints themselves in some measure, by which woeful effects followed. As not only bitter contentions and heartburnings, schisms, with other horrible confusion; but satan took occasion and advantage thereby to foist in a number of vile ceremonies, with many profitable canons and decrees, which have since been as snares to many poor peaceable souls even to this day. (

I have so much to break down here for you, and to comment on, but time is rather short today, so I will stop here till next time. But I really want to stress how important this is to know and understand exactly how satan works. There is coming in the future a persecution that is so great that nothing in the past will compare. It will be a persecution against Jesus’s Chosen Remnant, by the anti-christ (satan), it’s very important to fully grasp how satan works, because as William Bradford said, he (satan) reverts back, he repeats himself, and in the future we are his targets, he’s coming after us, because we hold the truth, we must prepare. Again next post I will break the above paragraph down and then we will move on, there is much more, until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth.

King James I… Persecutor Of Christians-cont.

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. We left off last post with the question. Is Britannica Encyclopedia being biased, or just plain hiding the facts? Well because our topic for this part of the study is King James and his part with the Puritans, I scrolled through this thirteen page article to where King James Is mentioned and this is what was written.

Puritan hopes were again raised when Calvinist James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth as James I Of England in 1603. But at the Hampton Court Conference in 1604 he dismissed the Puritans’ grievances with the phrase “no bishop, no king.” Puritans remained under pressure. Some where deprived of their positions; others go by with minimal conformity; and still others, who could not accept compromise, fled England. The pressure for conformity increased under Charles I. (

Really? That’s it? That’s all we are going to get on that Britannica? Give me a break. Look friends, at some of the words they used. Pressure, conformity, compromise. We see they where under pressure, they would not conform and they would not compromise. And this I’m to believe caused them to take their wives and children, brave the sea and all it’s dangers, disease and illness, to finally make it to the New World, and then brave the elements and dangers on land, establish relations with the Indians, and begin building first, their shelters, and find means for food, and eventually build a colony, because of pressure. A phrase “no bishop, no king” and all of a sudden it’s, Oh no we can’t put up with that! We will not compromise! You sir, although your a wonderful King and a great upstanding Christian Calvanist from Scotland, there will be no way we can compromise, with some of us losing our positions (probably in the church, however Britannica didn’t even clarify that). We shall, our great Christian King, risk perils, disease and possibly death to flee England! This our great noble Christian King is OUTRAGEOUS! This article my friends to me is OUTRAGEOUS!

It gets even worse though. I looked up the same thing in Encyclopedia by Farlex, which is an on-line encyclopedia that searches many different encyclopedias for answers to one’s search. This is what I found.

Throughout the sixteenth century British Puritans lobbied for Church reform. The majority of high-ranking officials in the Church of England opposed them, as did Queen Elizabeth I and her Stuart successors. In the early seventeenth century, small groups of English Puritans sought religious freedom by immigrating to America.( Encyclopedia by Farlex)

Can you believe what you just read above? I swear they think we’re all stupid, to think, that’s all it took for the Puritans to just up and leave. High ranking Officials opposed them. That’s it? How? Why were they opposed? And what’s worse they used King James and his son Charles’s last name Stuart. You could ask the so- called millions of Christians in the world today, and I bet 99% could not tell you what King James last name was. That my friends is a bold face cover up, plain and simple, they don’t want you to know that King James and his Son Charles persecuted Christians, and the reason is, they would be persecuted by Christians. They don’t want that mess, so they keep it hidden to appease the Christian masses. That’s how hailed, how great of a saint, how wonderful of a Christian King James is thought to be by Christians today. If they knew the truth about the man whose name is on their Bibles, it would rock their faith to the core. There would be a huge shift in the church, many just walking away world wide, and there would be a massive decrease in Church membership, because, if they found out that King James was this horrible power hungry madman, how could they trust the very Bible his name is on. But not the Congregation of Jesus. His children do not put their faith or trust in any man. Remember the movie A Few Goodmen? Where Jack Nicholson said the famous line “You can’t handle the truth.” Well most Christians today really can’t handle any truth at all, they don’t want to hear it, they like things just the way they are, and whatever you do, don’t rock their world with all this crazy conspiracy stuff. But we as members of the one true congregation of God, we can handle the truth, and not only that, we don’t want to remain asleep, we want the truth, we are truth seekers, give us the truth, we are tough, we can take it. That’s right, I would rather deal with the truth, and acccept the facts, than believe and live under a bold face lie.

And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Master, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man: for thou regardest not the person of men. Matthew 22:16

But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. John 4:23

God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Even the spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. John 14:17

That’s us, that’s what I want. I want the truth because the truth is the Lord. I want the Lord, and I want to know him, and he know me. I don’t want to follow the world or mans lies, because it suits me and sounds so good to my ears, it just makes them tingle it sounds so good. Nope not me, give me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The truth is in God and is God, lies and deception are of the devil. I choose God. So I knew, to get the facts of what really happened to the Puritans, I needed a eyewitness account, so I went in search for that very thing.

Meet young, fatherless William Bradford, born in 1590, joined the Scrooby congregation and would be among the 125 uncompromising separatists who fled to Holland in search of religious freedom. Loving God’s Word, he read through the Bible at age 12. Through this man, we now have actual written documentation of what really happened during the reign of this fine upstanding Christian madman King James I. Isn’t it strange to see those two words together, Christian and madman. Can you be both? The more I find out about King James the more I’m leaning toward madman. So let’s take a journey back in time with William Bradford and get to the truth, from what I would call a reliable source, and not the Britannica Encyclopedia. Let’s do a little recap starting with Queen Elizabeth to really get a full view of the times Mr. Bradford was about to be born in. William was born in 1590, so let’s go back about thirty years in England to around the year 1560.

1560- The Geneva Bible was translated from the early Greek and Hebrew texts by British Puritans. Refusing to compromise their faith, they fled to Geneva for refuge from British persecution.

1564- Jan Hus, a teacher at Charles University in Prague, Bohemia ( Chzechoslovokia) was “burned at the stake” for following his conscience and preaching from the Bible to thousands of people, thus defying the Catholic hierarchy. He translated Wycliff’s books on church reform and, like the Puritans that followed him, stressed the authority of God’s Word and personal purity. ( Pilgrams, Bible, Persecution and Thanksgiving

Here we see again what I have written about earlier many times. We see division, evil, chaos, violence, between two different faiths. One is wrong, in this case the Anglican Church of England. Remember under “Bloody Mary’s” rule she persecuted Protestants, but under Queen Elizabeth’s rule now they are persecuting anybody that does not conform to the Church of England. Remember that the Anglican Episcopal Church is nothing but a conformist Church, they take a little they like from the Catholics, and take a little that they liked from the Protestants, came up with their nice little can’t we just all get along doctrines, started by Henry the VIII. Then put the King or Queen, whoever is charge at the time, in full power and control of it, and then made nice Christian like decrees. Such as follow this church, and this church only or suffer persecution and possibly death. Death if your speaking out to a large group of people and influencing the masses, if you do that then you die. And even though we are such wonderful, loving upstanding Christians, (sarcasm) we are not going to kill you in a loving gentle way, NO WE WILL NOT! We are going to kill you in a tortuous, horrific way. Perhaps, Britannica left all this out because the Anglican Episcopal Church of England is still around to this very day, they wouldn’t want to get the churches hierarchy all up in a frenzy, they might burn the editors of Britannica at the stake, who knows. Again, does this sound like the congregation Jesus said he would build upon Peter? Absolutely not, this is of satan, and it’s a clear case of satan persecuting Jesus’s congregation of believers, and doing it through the quise of the “church,” the man made church that satan uses all the time. Ok let’s continue.

1596- The term ‘Pilgrams’ was first used…in the ‘Confession of Faith’ they adopted and, in later references, to their own idea of life on earth as a pilgrimage toward “heavenly bliss.”

1590’s- Committed Christians with access to Bibles began to guestion the old Catholic traditions which still influenced the new Protestant churches in England. These “Puritans” longed to see a more “pure” church, freed from the bureaucratic forms that clouded the truth of the gospel. They wanted to continue the “reformation” of the Church, bringing into line with Biblical guidelines. Some of these Puritans called “Pilgrams” or “Separatist” had little hope that the government controlled church could be reformed. They wanted to separate themselves completely from the Anglican Church of England. But that was against the law. So when they decided to start new congregations (proper word used here) and live by God’s word, they were persecuted.

Early 1600’s- One of the Separatist congregation was led by William Brewster in the village of Scrooby ( or Sruby) in Nottinghamshire. But these Puritans had little freedom to worship God and follow His Word and their consciences. Non- conformity was punishable by imprisonment and torture. (

And that takes us to William Bradford, and also my stopping point for today. Next post we will be looking at writings by William Bradford concerning the persecutions of that time, so keep coming back. May the Lord bless your search for truth.

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King James I… Persecutor Of Christians

Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back. Before I start this part of our study, I need to update you. In my last post, I re-edited it to clarify myself when I wrote that the man made institutionalized church is of satan. I hope you will go back and read it, but in essence what I was saying is this. The church is a man made entity, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Some are of God and used by Him, and some work for satan and his agendas, and purposes and may not even realize it. There are over 5000 Protestant denominations alone, not including the Catholic Church and so on. When I talk about the church, I’m talking in the biggest picture ok. If I’m going to talk about an individual church, I will name it out. Satan can control and influence the church, but he can’t the congregation of Jesus. He can persecute us, imprison us, kill us, tempt us to fall into sin but we will repent and turn back to God, we won’t stay in that sin, because we belong to Him. However satan does not have the power to control or influence the Ekklesia, The Congregation of Jesus. We are His and He is ours, we make up His body of believers. I hope it’s making more sense to you, if you were confused or offended. Remember this, it’s the easy way to explain it to others also. The Congregation is only one and we are one with God through our Saviour Jesus. The church is thousands and can belong to God or satan. In this study I will be able to show an example of what I’m trying to explain, so this part of our overall study came at a perfect time. Now to continue with the topic at hand. Here is where I’m going to embarrass myself a little, but it is what it is. In High School I got D’s in History and English, which should be no surprise to you considering my writing and punctuation and so on. If it wasn’t for industrial arts classes I wouldn’t have even graduated probably. I was much more into music, guitars and cars, and definitely not into school. Here’s how bad I was. If you were to ask me who George Washington was, I would probably at the time answer something similar to this. Well there’s something about a Cherry tree and he couldn’t tell a lie, he crossed a river in a boat, maybe the Delaware, I think, and our first president, and he fought a war to get that, Lol. Maybe I wasn’t that bad, I’m laughing because that’s pretty bad. The Lord is saying, well you just lost half your readers on that one. Seriously, if you would have asked me why the pilgrims came to the New World, I would have answered something about being oppressed by a king, but I don’t know which king, and the Catholic Church. That is what I really believed, for many many years. So for those like me who didn’t know, let’s explore the truth.

The Christians that we will be exploring during this time of persecution, were called the Puritans. Their religion was called Puritanism. The following will be excerpts from

Puritanism, a religious reform movement in the late 16th and 17th centuries that sought to “purify” the Church of England of remnants of the Roman Catholic “popery” that the Puritans claimed had been retained after the religious settlement reached early in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Puritans became noted in the 17th century for a spirit of moral and religious earnestness that informed their whole way of life, and they sought through church reform to make their lifestyle the pattern for the whole nation. Their efforts to transform the nation contributed both to civil war in England and to the founding colonies in America as working models of the Puritan way of life.

Now when I read that, it really sounds to me at the end that it was actually the Puritans fault, to try and change a nation, and by doing so they caused a civil war to break out in England. Is that how it sounded to you? Well let’s look closer at this right here before we go any further, because the truth seekers we are, we really don’t trust the way Encyclopedia’s like to word things. Their information may be correct but their wording and phrasing can really lead one astray, so let’s find out for ourselves. Was Britannica being biased? Because what I just read sounded more like this. If it wasn’t for them dang Puritans, we would have never had a civil war in England over all this religious reform.

Let’s take a look again at what was going at the time of King James’s rule of England. King James I took over where Queen Elizabeth left off. King James was also King James VI of Scotland, so by being king of Scotland he also became the head of Scotland’s church, which was Protestant and of the Presbyterian faith. So King James was Head of the Church of England and the Church (Kirk) of Scotland. The Presbyterian beliefs are rooted in the thought of French reformer John Calvin. In addition to common Reformation themes of justification by faith, the priesthood of all believers and the importance of the Bible. Presbyterianism also reflects Calvin’s distinctive emphasis on the Sovereignty of God and a representational form of church government.

Let’s stop here, because of lack of time, but in my next post we will look at what the Puritans beliefs were, and then continue to move on from there. Until next time, may the Lord bless your search for truth.

King James I, The Motive Behind His Crime. conclusion

Hello everyone, last post I left off with King James I. And today’s post will be the conclusion to the motive behind his crime. One of the words I used to describe him, was a coward, now I want to explain myself further on this. King James I, had the chance to change Christianity. If he knew about the true congregation of Christ, he could have used that in his translation of the Bible, but rather he opted out of doing that very thing. In quoting King David.

“I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation: I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation.” Psalms 40:10

King James did conceal the truth, and he either did it knowing exactly what he was doing for his own agenda, or the mystery of the Lord’s one congregation of true believers was hidden from him. We know from all the information we have gathered on this King so far, I really believe it was both. I still have more to uncover on this King that the Protestants hail as a great man, but I want to stay focused on what we have uncovered concerning his motive. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man had a agenda. We know that he wanted to purposely maintain the institutionalized man made church, for the sole purpose of having full authority and control over it. But you see nobody has control over the universal congregation of true believers under Jesus, but Jesus, and nobody can. It’s impossible! This congregation of believers as David talked about, which has proceeded onward under the New Blood Covenant, is only under the authority of God. No king, ruler, or satan himself has any power over it. No king by his own agenda can gain control of it, because it is not of this world, it is of God. We whom are members, are in the world, but we are not of this world, if you truly belong to His Congregation. Listen again, to what King David said concerning this.

“Remember thy congregation, which thou hast purchased of old; the rod of thine inheritance, which thou hast redeemed; this mount Zion, wherein thou hast dwelt.” Psalms 74:2

How did God purchase it? By the blood of His Son. It’s His congregation not mans. It’s His inheritance, He redeemed it for Himself, and we it’s members are those who are the redeemed ones, called out from the world. No man can touch it; not even the gates of hell. If you want to measure a King or ruler, measure him against King David. He was, and has been to this day, the greatest king that ever walked this earth, seconded only to Jesus himself. The King of Kings and the Lord of all Lord’s. A lot of times when I hear a sermon and King David Is brought up, they talk about his sin concerning Bathsheba. Yet they, the Protestant churches praise King James like he was a saint, but far from it might I say. The Differance is David loved the Lord, he sought after him with his whole heart, and tried to live his life in obedience to God. And when he failed and fell into sin he repented and turned back to God, and was made right again with God, and God forgave him. That’s right, no record is found where King James repented of his many, many sins. But David did, that’s the differance. So to all those people that seem to like to bring up David’s sin, probably to make them feel better, because he was so loved by God. I say this. Get off his case, and do some truth searching yourself, and get the real facts on a man that you do praise. WAKE UP! You are believing a lie. Don’t expect to just always hear the truth from everyone that proclaims to be a Christian. Satan rules this world now, and he is the father of lies, you must seek The Lord, and you must seek His Truth, and yes that takes time and effort, it doesn’t come easy. What? I got to find time somewhere in my busy schedule, and open up and study, not just read my Bible? Yes that is what I’m saying. Trust me everybody finds the time to do the things they want to. It’s all about where your heart is, or whose will your following, your will for your life, or the Lord’s will for your life.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, he double minded.” James 4:8

” For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.” Matthew 13:15.

Oh I can here the Protestants now saying, you took that verse right out of context Troy, Jesus was talking to the Jews. No Jesus was talking to everyone that is in rebellion, whether under the old law Covenant of Jesus’s day, or under the New Blood Covenant, it’s toward anyone who is in rebellion towards God. When Jesus was on earth performing His mininstry who was He constantly at odds with? The Pharisees and Sadducees. And what where they apart of? A man made institutionalized form of Judaism, with there own added rules, and traditions, which Jesus hated. What do you think Jesus would be saying to The churches if He was on earth today? The exact same thing because they have taken the truth and turned it into lies. The reason the Protestants would say I took this out of context, is because the word church also did another very damaging thing concerning the truth. The word church is now considered the gentiles and that has caused separation from the Jews. This is where you get your different theologies, such as replacement and separation theology, which I will be covering in this study in length later. Everyone who keeps coming back, and stays with this study will be very well informed on many, many things. In short many of the churches today believe that, what was taught in the New Testament pertains only to the Church, and what was taught in the Old Testament pertains only to the Jews and Israel. Again this is another lie and leads people astray. Don’t worry, I will be covering all this later in detail to where if right now, you don’t understand or confused, you will not be. God is not a God of confusion, but when I was indoctrinated I was always confused when reading because nothing seemed to fit. It was like the Bible was always contradicting itself, and when read in light of the false doctrine of man, it was contradicting itself. What would Jesus say to the prosperity and blessing Gospel of Joel Olstien, what would he say to Joel face to face? What would Jesus say to the Zionist Gospel of John Hagee, that says the Jews don’t need salvation under the sacrificial blood of Jesus preached to them, because they are all saved in the end? What would Jesus say to John? When people bow down and kiss the feet of the pope like he was Christ himself, or when they call a priest father, or confess their sins to a man in place of Jesus. What would Jesus say to the them? Lies, lies and more lies, this is what Jesus would say to them.

“And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.” Mark 4:19

“And Jesus looked round about, and saith unto his disciples, How Hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:23

“Jesus answered, verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” John 3:3

“Jesus answered , verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of the water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” John 3:5

That goes also for the Jews Mr. John Hagee

“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your father, which is in heaven.” Matthew 23:9

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.” 1 Timothy 2:5

These are the things Jesus would be saying to all these lies and heresies. So please don’t tell me I took that out of context, because you do not understand truth, you are indoctrinated and have been taught to believe a lie. It’s time to come out of that lie, so you are not accountable for it as they will be.

, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.” John 8:44

The church is a replacement in the Bible for the congregation of Jesus. It is a man made institution, and is of the devil, and has been used by satan many times. This does not however mean all churches by any means. There are some great assemblies doing great things, with great Pastors, Elders, and members. This is not what I’m talking about, but there are some churches that are doing the work of satan, and they don’t even know it. Even Satanists call their assemblies church, the Church of Satan for example. Church of Latter Day Saints, The Jehovah Witnesses, these all use the word church. There are over 5000 different Protestant denominations, and The Roman Catholic Church and all their spin offs. God does not recognize the church because it is not of God, but is of man. Remember, One God, One Son who is God, One Spirit, One Baptism, One Gospel, One Doctrine, One Congregation of Believers. When you think of God think one, when you think of church think thousands. God recognizes people that may be members of certain churches, and Pastors and elders, but He does not recognize the church. If there is an assembly that is non-denominational and teaches the truth of scripture, and teaches the truth of the congregation of God, The chosen remnant of Jesus, then that my friends is not a church, but an assembly of believers meeting together, as members of the congregation. It’s that simple. Can a member of a church still be a member of the Lords congregation? Absolutely, it’s about that person’s walk with the Lord, the Lord knows who are His. Can a Pastor be a member of the Lords congregation and still be Pastor of a church, that is denominational, unlike the one described above? Absolutely, however if he has gained knowledge of the truth, and still doesn’t teach it, he is under a greater condemnation, because he is still teaching a lie to keep his job, “his career so to speak” because the elders won’t let him teach anything other than their denominational lies. That is going to be between him and God, I wouldn’t want to be accountable for that however. Later I will have a post on what the Bible says constitutes being a true follower of Christ, and a true believer in the congregation of Jesus, it’s not a secret however it’s all over the New Testament, it is not hidden in a corner.

As I said earlier in my last post, that I would go over the Church of England that King James I was head of, but then I thought what’s the point. But basically it’s a conformist Church. It is a mix of Roman Catholicism and Protestant reform doctrine. It’s Anglican and contains sects such as the Protestant Episcopal Church. It is very liberal in nature, and now allows woman, and gay priest. It’s a church like most that will conform more to the world to please those in the world, than the true teachings of Jesus. This is the one the Protestant saint King James I ruled over and the title to his Bible the “Authorized” Version, because it was Authorized for the Anglican Church. The Church of England, his so called stamp was on it. If you attend a Roman Catholic Church, or any other conformist church, get out now. Here is a Biblical description of the Congregation of Jesus and a description of the man made church.

The Congregation of Jesus:

“With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God-and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Ephesians 4: 2-6

“That we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” Ephesians 4:14

“Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.” Ephesians 5:6

“I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the father knoweth me, even so know I the father: and I lay down my life for the sheep. And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.” John 10:14-16

I will be looking again at this above verse later in another post breaking it down more.

This is the man made institution, the church:

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” 2 Peter 2:1-3

If you at this present time are attending or a member of a church that conforms to the world, or preach’s any other Gospel that is not taught by the Apostles, the one true Gospel of The Messiah, Jesus, get out now. Don’t let this judgement fall on you, don’t be apart of it in anyway, or support it financially. GET OUT! RUN!

So the church is just like their saint King James I, they are power hungry, money hungry, boastful, arrogant, cowards. Cowards in the sense that if they know the truth, but remain in the lie, and teach others the same just to remain in power, and not let anything bring down their doctrine or theologies, and stand for the truth and repent, they are cowards.

So with all the evidence that I have brought before you, and laid it openly on the table for you to observe. I think we can all conclude that King James’s motive was for power and wealth through the church, so therefore considering the evidence I hope that you will find him as I have, and that is GUILTY!

In my next post, we will be looking at King James and his persecution of Christians. That’s right, can you believe it? The Protestant saint King James I, persecuted Christians. Keep coming back, until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth.

King James I, The Motive Behind His Crime. cont.

We left off in my last post with Queen Elizabeth, I will continue on from there. Then we will take a look at Queen Elizabeth’s half sister Queen Mary commonly called “Bloody Mary.” Then I will move farther back in the blood line, and look at King Henry VIII. This is where the chaos, blood bath of violence, and division started during that period. None of which of the above are attributes of our Lord Jesus, although we are to believe that it was Jesus that formed this institution of religion, starting with Peter called the “church.” As always there is much reading that can be done, on these people of English Royality, but I’m just going to hit the highlights that I need, to present my case for the Lord. At the end I will do a quick recap to hopefully, bring it all together for all of us. Like any wealthy, and powerful people go, this you will find is a complete dysfunctional mess. Ok back to Queen Elizabeth.

After the death of her half sister Mary, “Bloody Mary” on November 17, 1558, Elizabeth came to the throne amid bells, bonfires, patriotic demonstrations, and other signs of public jubilation. When a girl in an allegorical pageant presented her with a Bible in English translation – banned under Mary’s reign —Elizabeth kissed the book, held it up reverently, and then laid it on her breast. Spectators were thus assured that under Elizabeth, England had returned, cautiously but decisively, to the reformation. Before continuing on, let’s take a look at “Bloody Mary,” Queen Elizabeth’s half sister.

Mary I (February 18, 1516 – November 17, 1558), also known as Mary Tudor, was the Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. She is best known for her aggressive attempt to reverse the English Reformation, which had begun during the reign of her father, Henry VIII. The executions that marked her pursuit of restoration of Roman Catholicism in England and Ireland led her denunciation as “Bloody Mary” by her Protestant opponents. During her five – year reign, Mary had over 280 religious dissenters burned at the stake in the Marian persecutions. After Mary’s death in 1558, her re-establishment of Roman Catholicism was reversed by her younger half- sister Elizabeth I, a daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. More on Henry coming up. Back to Queen Elizabeth.

If Queen Elizabeth died childless, the Tudor line would come to an end. The nearest heir was Mary, Queen of Scots, the granddaughter of Henry VIII’s sister Margaret, King James I’s mother, whom you will remember was basically kicked out of Scotland. Mary, a Catholic whose claim was supported by France and other powerful Catholic states, was regarded by Protestants as a nightmarish threat that could be best averted if Elizabeth produced a Protestant heir. However she did not, and this led to her having Mary of Scots beheaded, she remained on the throne until her death. Then along comes King James I, but before we get back to him, let’s take a little look at King Henry VIII,

King Henry VIII, (born June 28, 1491, Greenwich, near London, England—died January 28, 1547, London), king of England (1509 – 47) he presided over the beginnings of the English Renaissance and the English Reformation. Henry had many wives, only one survived. His six wives were, successively, Catherine of Aragon ( the mother of the future Queen Mary I “Bloody Mary”), this marriage was annulled. Anne Boleyn ( mother of future Queen Elizabeth I ), she was executed. Jane Seymour ( mother of the King Henry’s successor, Edward VI ), died in child birth. Anne of Cleves, their marriage was annulled. Cathrine Howard, she was executed, and Catherine Parr, she was fortunate enough to survive this mad man. The fates of Henry VIII’s wives can be remembered with a rhyme: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. The beginnings of the Church of England actually came about from this crazy king’s marital affairs. Here is the story.

King Henry VIII created the Church of England in 1536 as a result of a dispute with the pope, who would not permit Henry to get a divorce from his wife Catherine Aragon. The Church of England is a Anglican Church, ( I will cover that later ), and one should say that the Anglican Church was established simply because the Roman Catholic Church disallowed divorce; and, the then Queen Catherine of Aragon was incapable of providing him with sons. King Henry VIII of England was less concerned with church doctrine, and more with practical matters. Desiring control over religious dictates in order to divorce Catherine of Aragon, he had himself ( as opposed to the Pope ) declared to be the supreme head of the Church of England. Now doesn’t this sound like a fine upstanding christian man that should be head of his own “church.” The rest of his story is a complete mess, but if interested, there is a lot to read on this power hungry, crazed, madman that established the Church of England that is present to this day. All I have to say on this matter is, I don’t want to hear anyone say that this is the so called “church” that our Lord Jesus was talking about when He told Peter “upon this rock I will build My Congregation.” This man made instituitionlized form of religion is of satan, and him only. The violence, blood shed, chaos, and division is not from our Lord, but is of the devil.

Ok, to continue on now, we are going forward again to King James I. From Queen Elizabeth to King James I. Before James was 12, he had taken the government nominally into his own hands when the earl of Morton was driven from the regency in 1578. For several years more, however, James remained the “puppet” of contending intriguers ( the practice of engaging in secret schemes) and faction leaders. After falling under the influence of the duke of Lennox, a Roman Catholic who schemed to win back Scotland for his mother, the imprisoned Queen Mary, James was kidnapped by William Ruthvan, 1st earl of Gowrie, in 1582 and was forced to denounce Lennox. So you see so far James converted for a short time to Catholicism. The following year James escaped from his Protestant captors and begun to pursue his own policies as King. His chief purposes were to escape from subservience to Scottish factions and to establish his claim to succeed the childless Elizabeth I upon the throne of England. Realizing that there was more to be gained by cultivating Elizabeth’s goodwill,( a proper term used, for kissing up to Queen Elizabeth) than by allying himself with her enemies, James in 1585 – 86 concluded an alliance with England. Therefore in his own unsteady fashion, he remained true to this policy, and even Elizabeth’s execution of his mother in 1587 drew only formal protests. So we see that as King of Scotland he forms this alliance with England, by kissing up to Queen Elizabeth and those loyal to her, and then says very little about, and frankly probably doesn’t even care about his mother being beheaded, a year later. Why? Three years before this alliance, he was converted Catholic and scheming to win the throne back for his mother. Now I realize that he was just a puppet king for the Scottish factions, but still, this guy was all over the place. I mean, did he really know what he believed in? He was a power hungry man and he and others behind him, had a plan where they could rule Scotland and England for their ruling, power agendas, that’s why? James succeeded to the throne of England on the death of Queen Elizabeth I on (March 4, 1603). Later I will explore one possible agenda, and expose the group behind it, it may shock you, but we have to look at it, to evaluate and decide what could possibly be part of this agenda. I will cover it, and let you decide. So right here is a great place to do a quick review and lay it all out simply, in succession starting with the psychopathic, madman Henry the VIII.

  • Henry VIII — King of England, remembered more for his many wives, and the English Renaissance, and the Establishment of the Church of England. Today’s Anglican Church, not for scriptural reasons, but because he couldn’t get his way with the Pope on a matter of divorce, with his first wife. Known for his marital affairs with very young women whom he would eventually make his wives, and possibly behead if it suit his mood that day. Big name in the Protestant Reformation. Really?
  • King Edward VI — Edward was the only legitimate son of Henry VIII. His mother was Jane Seymour, she died 12 days after his birth, he succeeded the throne upon the death of his father Henry. In January 1553 Edward showed signs of tuberculosis, and it was determined to be fatal. In his six year reign, he allowed Protestant reforms to begin taking place in the church.
  • Mary I or Mary Tudor “Bloody Mary”— First Queen to rule England. Persecuted Protestants in a vain attempt to return Roman Catholicism back to England. For three years rebel bodies of Protestant’s, dangled from gibbets, (an upright post with a projecting arm for hanging the bodies of executed criminals as a warning) and heretics were relentlessly executed, some 300 being burned at the stake. A fine upstanding Catholic woman no doubt. She’s one for the Catholic Church to be proud of.
  • Elizabeth I— Seconed Queen to the throne. Half sister to Bloody Mary. Revived the Church of England, and it was a mix of Roman Catholic doctrine, as well as Protestant doctrines. She saw to it that The Book of Common Prayer, and the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, became important texts that outlined moral doctrine and worship principles. These were rules and doctrines, you had to follow and believe in the Church. They are easily attainable on-line, if you want to read them. She beheaded Mary, King James mother while she was imprisoned in England.
  • Mary Stuart — Queen of Scots. Mother of King James I. Devoted Catholic that caused her to be, beheaded as a threat to the English throne. Her unwise marital and political actions provoked rebellion among the Scottish nobles, forcing her to renounce her throne in Scotland, and flee to England.
  • King James I— Was king of Scotland as King James VI. King James I as King of England, became head over the Church of England. Had his own Authorised Bible published. He had little contact with the middle classes, and he suffered from the narrowness of his horizons. Loved wealth and extravagances. He was a power hungry, arrogant, prideful, coward, whom seemed to enjoy all the world had to offer, but much, much more on King James. To be continued, until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth.

King James I, The Motive Behind His Crime.

Well, I bet the word crime really sticks out, when read. One may think, crime what crime? Well maybe not a crime punishable by law, but a crime all the same, committed against the Lord’s Inherent Word. What is the charge you may ask? The charge of purposely mistranslating Gods Holy Word, to suit ones own purpose. Just as we now have the facts that he ordered the word congregation, be replaced with the word church, knowing that it was neither a proper translation or transliteration. We must now seacrh for his motive or possible motives behind this crime. Just as a good attorney presents facts related to his case, he also presents the motive in the case to show the reason why the crime was committed. So now that we have the facts that King James I ordered this mistranslation, we are now going to search out his motive or motives, to better present our case to others, when showing them the truth.

There is so much information written on King James I, that I could write for days going over it. If your interested in learning more it is a very interesting read. What I’m going to do however, is just touch on some really key points to show his motive, and then present some more detailed information on some of those key points.

I know that so far this study seems to be more of a history lesson than a scripture study. Please understand however, that I have to go over a lot of history to properly present the Lord’s case in this search of the truth, that He wants us to know and understand. This truth has been purposely covered up over the centuries, and it’s time for those whom the Lord chooses to want to understand, to now understand. You would have not clicked on this site in your search engine if the Lord had not already put it into your heart, to want to know the truth. That’s how the Holy Spirit works. Trust me though, in this study, and like I said it will be a long one, we will be looking at lots of scripture, and breaking down verses practically word for word. So having said all that, if your not much into history, just read and bear with it please, because it is very important, to get the full picture of what I’m presenting, because in this study I’m starting in the past, but I’m going to take us all the way to the present. Ok, now to King James I

King James I ( born June 19, 1566, in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Scotland- died March 27, 1625, Theobalds, Hertfordshire, England). He was first King of Scotland as King James VI, from 1567 to 1625. James was the only son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley. Eight months after James was born, his father died when his house was destroyed by an explosion. After Mary’s third marriage, to James Hepburn, earl of Bothwell, Mary was defeated by rebel Scottish Lords and she renounced her throne. James, just one year old, became king of Scotland on July 24, 1567. Mary left the Kingdom on May 16, 1568, and she never saw her son again. So already this sounds like a sad early childhood for King James, however during his childhood he was surrounded by a small band of great Scottish Lords, from whom emerged the four successive regents, the earls of Moray, Lennox, Mar, and Morton. The young king was kept fairly isolated but was given a good education until the age of 14. He studied Greek, French, and Latin and made good use of a library of classical and religious writings. Now before I go on with King James, let’s take just a quick look at his mother Queen Mary.

Mary Queen of Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scots, original name Mary Stuart or Mary Stewart, (born December 8, 1542, Linlithgow Palace, West Lithuania, Scotland- died, February 8, 1587, Fortheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire, England). She was Queen of Scotland (1542-67), and Queen consort of France ( 1559-60). Her unwise marital and political actions provoked rebellion among the Scottish nobles, forcing her to renounce her throne and flee to England, where she was eventually beheaded as a Roman Catholic threat to the English throne. She to, like her son James was very intelligent and very well educated. Now let’s jump ahead during this time period and look at Queen Elizabeth, then we will go back to Mary and King James. This is all very important to know, so we can get a feel for what was going on during this period, to help us better understand King James.

Elizabeth I, bynames the Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess, (born September 7, 1533, Greenwich, near London England – died March 24,1603, Richmond, Surrey), she was Queen of England from(1558-1603) during a period, often called the Elizabethan Age, ( most I think have heard of this, Age. To be continued, I apologize for such a short entry today, but I was editing my last post. I added some scripture that the Lord laid on my heart to add, that coincided with what I was saying, and I ran into some problems editing it, so until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth.

The Word Church, How Did It Get Into Our Bibles? cont.

We left off in my last post. Where we found that the word “church,” was not a proper translated, or transliterated replacement for ekklesia. To recap, “ekklesia” is a “called out congregation or assembly of believers in Jesus.” We know also, someone must have purposely replaced this word, or they instructed someone or group to do it. So in speaking of the King James Version, the version we have today. Let’s go back in history, and look at King James. I will be speaking of King James a lot over the next, however many posts. So at times I will be going back and forth in his life, and Kingship. We are however at this time, looking at the translation of his 1611 Bible and here is what we find.

James I The King of England was the Head of the Church of England, [commonly known today as the Anglican Church], a split off the Church of Rome. It was King James I who in 1604 approved the idea of a “New” English translation, that would eventually bear his name. Those who were commissioned by King James to work on this “new” Bible version, were men deemed to have special skills and learning, in Hebrew and Greek. Also, they were from the established (state) church, although some had Puritan learnings. So we can see their Bible was meant to be a Church of England or Anglican version. All of them had to have the approval of the King and the Church of England Hierarchy.

The translators were given 15 rules they had to follow while translating the scriptures. King James I had Archbishop Richard Bancroft oversee the translating of the KJV. What I want to focus on is rule no. 3. The Old Ecclesiastical Words to be kept, viz. the Word Church not to be translated Congregation &c. So there you have it. It was King James I that ordered it, And it changed the world. He purposely knew what he was doing. So now we know exactly how the word “Church” ended up in the Bible we have today. You can read all 15 rules at, (

There is one God, The Father, and one Lord our Messiah Jesus, one Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit and one Gospel, and one Congregation of believers. There is also The Inherent Word of God, and Jesus is the Word. The Bible we hold today The King James Version is the Bible, that was handed down to us as authoritative scripture. However as long as man is on the earth, and man is born into sin, there will be imperfections and wrong motives. Satan takes advantage every time of mans imperfections to subtlety bring in his lies, for his purposes. We are told by our Lord Himself to study the scriptures to show ourselves approved. ” Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15. He has blessed us with resources, like the Strong’s Concordance, where we can find the original Hebrew and Greek words so we ourselves can decipher and discern scripture. If you were to explain this to most Christians today, especially those whom regularly attend Church. They will not listen, they will want nothing to do with what the facts show. Why? Because it rattles their faith. They just don’t want to believe that what they have been told could be a out and out lie. If you are not a Pastor or a theologian, or have gone to some sort of Seminary or Christian collage. You, in their eyes don’t have the knowledge or authority to tell them anything. This is called indoctrination, and most who attend Church are indoctrinated. I use the word Church because that is what it is. Mans made up institutionalized form of religion. ” Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Mark 7:7. Today there are multiple doctrines, multiple theologies, and multiple denominations. This is not what the Lord intended, not at all. All the different denominations argue on who is right or wrong. One says our doctrine is right, while another says, no, our doctrine is the only right doctrine. What did Jesus say to all this nonsense? ” And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Mark 3:24. The Lord had nothing to do with this, this was not His intention at all. I believe today The Lord is increasing knowledge to those He chooses, and He’s calling them out of the institionalized Churches and calling them back into His congregation. His assembly of true believers that seek Him and the Truth. Not worshipers of Pastors or buildings, but Him. Does that sound harsh? Maybe, but it’s the truth, people can have a form of Pastor worship, it’s all over the place now. When people give tithe. Where does a lot of the money go? The building. We have to have bigger and nicer buildings that will attract the outside sinners in, so they can be saved, if that Pastor even preaches the Gospel. They want to bring you in, so you can be saved, then indoctrinated, then a member, so you can give them even more money, and all the while enjoying the nice surroundings of a multi million dollar building. Does this sound like Jesus? Does this sound like His teachings? No. Most people are content with going to their church, hearing the Pastors Sermon, putting that days track somewhere in their Bibles, and then not open that Bible again until Wednesday service if they go. We are instructed to read and search out His word, that is our responsibility as believers. If we are taught to believe a lie, and I was for years, and not search for truth and remain in that lie. That my friends is on us, we are responsible for seeking the Lord and His truth. Remember in one of my earlier posts I wrote that some have misread scripture and they believe that they have proof that the Church was in the Old Testament? No, there is no Church, what there is, is the Lords Congregation of true believers. Called out to be faithful and follow Him. First it was the “called out ones,” the congregation of God under the Old Covenant. Then after Christ’s death and ascension unto the Father, the congregation continued on under the New Blood Covenant of Jesus. We are the congregation under Jesus. His Assembly of Called Out Ones. The Ekklesia of Our Lord Jesus. “Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:6. “The called,”the divinely selected and appointed. That’s it, not Baptist, Catholic ,Lutheran etc. and the list goes on and on. The next part of this study I will be looking deeper into the motive or motives of King James I, and unravel why he chose to replace congregation with the word church.

I have no problem with any Christian that attends a building to worship the Lord in, and hear scripture being taught by a man who knows scripture, and seeks the Lord and His truth. The Lord searches out the hearts of man, and He knows who are His. And we should give tithe to a ministry that helps our community, and spreads the one true Gospel of Salvation, that is not what I was describing above. What I was describing, was where a lot of these denominations have gone today. Many are lost in the traditions and teachings of men, and not searching out the true teachings of our Lord Jesus and His word. Until next time. May the Lord bless your search for truth.

The Word Church, How Did It Get Into Our Bibles? cont.

We left off on my last post looking at Psalms 22:22, and the word congregation. And we found the Hebrew word qahal, which translated means, “assembly,” “company,” “congregation,” “multitude.” Now when we look in the Septuagint this is the word we find, εκκλησιας . This word was actually found in Psalms 21:23 of the Septuagint, the Kings James Version is laid out differently than the Septuagint, if you were trying to find it yourself. When you look up this word in my Greek to English dictionary, guess what you find. You find the word church, that’s right, “church” and now your asking yourself. How can this be? The Septuagint was translated in the 3rd and 2nd century B.C. before Christ the Messiah was even born. So how can the church be in the Old Testament? Well it wasn’t, I have read some articles where people have believed that this is proof that the Church existed in the Old Testament, from the very beginning, but this is just not so. What they have done, by defining this word and others like it in the modern dictionaries, is just plain wrong, and all it does is cause even more confusion. So let’s investigate this further.

So to recap we have found in the New Testament that the Strong’s Concordance tells us that the word “church”, comes from the original Greek word “εκκληιοα” which the Transliterated Word is ekklesia, which is defined as “a calling out” a meeting especially a “religious congregation.” And then we find in the Old Testament the Hebrew word “qahal” which is translated into the Greek word “εκκλησιας” which is defined in modern dictionaries as “church” but it’s Transliterated Word is “ekkliisias”, which is defined the same as “ekklesia”, these two words are basically the same. And the main definition of “ekklesia” is a called out people, or congregation. So now let’s look at some other early English Translations of the New Testament and found out how they translated this word ekklesia.

Transliteration is the practice of replacing the Greek letters of a word with English letters to form a new word, with a distinctive meaning. Translating, is the practice of replacing Greek words with English words of similar meaning or intent, this is the most common practice. Our interest is for the English word “church,” which replaces the Greek word ekklesia. In Acts 19:25-41, we have an example of the real meaning of ekklesia; the people of Ephesus gathered to deal with Paul’s alleged preaching against their god, Artemis of the Ephesians.

Some therefore cried one thing, and some another: for the assembly was confused and the more part knew not wherefore they were come together. Acts 19:32.

But if ye enquire anything concerning other matters, it shall be determined in a lawful assembly. Acts 19:39

And when he had thus spoken, he dismissed the assembly. Acts 19:41

In each of these cases, ekklesia is correctly translated “assembly” since it means “citizens called to be a governing assembly. In Hebrews 2:12 of the KJV it is a quote from Psalms 22:22, and as we read, and properly so the word in the OT is congregation. Now look what the translators did.

Saying “I will declare Thy Name unto My brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee”

Now we know that the writers of the New Testament used the Septuagint as they quoted from the OT, and the word they read was not supposed to be translated church but rather “congregation,” and that is exactly how they wrote it, because David did not write church, he wrote “qahal,” which is congregation. So the translators were so bold as to translate ekklesia from congregation to church knowing this was a quote from the Old Testament, and how easy it is for us readers of the Bible to overlook this while we read. There are over one hundred other times that ekklesia is replaced with the word “church” or “churches”- replaced, because the word “church” is neither a translation nor a transliteration of the original word. Someone chose to use “church” rather than the meaning of the Greek word or it’s letters.

Now let’s look at some Old English Renditions of Matthew 16:18. John Wycliffe, of Yorkshire, England,translated the first Bible into English in 1382, not from the original languages, but from the Latin. Therefore John translated the Latin word ecclesiam into chirche (in old English spelling):

And Y seize to thee, that thou art Peter, and on this stoon Y schal bilde My chirche, and the yatis of helle shulan not haue miyt ayens it. ( Wycliffe, c1382)

The Latin word is similar to the Greek, but because he did not know Greek, he may have used what was commonly called a religious gathering in his day. We are going to explore that later in another post, as this mystery continues. Here is a list of other translations that followed.

Tyndale’s Bible used “congregation”:

And I saye also vnto the that thou arte Peter: and apon this rocke I wyll bylde My congregacion, And the gates of hell shall not prevayle ageynst it.

  • Coverdale Bible (1535) – used “congregation”
  • Matthew Bible (1537) – used “congregation”
  • The Great Bible (1539) – used “congregation”
  • Geneva Bible ( 1560) – used “church”

And I say also vnto thee, that thou art Peter, and vpon this rocke I will builde my Church: and the gates of hell shall not ouercome it. (Geneva Bible, c1560)

  • Bishop’s Bible (1568) – used “congregation”:

And I say also vnto thee, that thou art Peter, and vponn this rocke I wyll builder my congregation: and the gates of hell shall not preuayle against it. ( Bishop Bible, c 1568)

The word “congregation,” in place of ekklesia, is a good and proper translation, since not only was that the translation used in translating the Old Testament, “congregation” means “to gather a flock” and refers to people, not places or institutions. To be continued.

The Word Church, How Did It Get Into Our Bibles?

Well Isn’t that a odd question? Well some would say it came when Jesus died, and rose again and upon Peter He would build is Church. That is partly correct, the first place we find the word Church used is in Matthew 16:18- And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So here we are going to take a look into this word, and it’s meaning. It’s really the second part of the title to this blog, but now we need to take a look at this first. When we look at the word church in the Strong’s Concordance this is what we find. Strong’s: Transliterated Word -ekklesia, Strong’s Definition- a calling out that is (concretely) a popular meeting especially a religious congregation (Jewish synagogue or Christian community of members on earth or saints in heaven or both): – assembly church. So in this definition we can immediately just drop at the end the word church, because Strong’s added that because of the New English translation that is known by people today. Let’s look at what we see in the above definition. We find a calling out, congregation , synagogue , assembly, and meeting. We also find that this applies to a Jewish synagogue, or a Christian community of members, so it just isn’t for what people think today as the Gentile Church, of the western world. This is very important to retain. The New Oxford American Dictionary definition: a building used for public worship. The New Oxford also lists three key ways this word is used as a noun, they are 1. (church) a particular Christian organization, typically one with its own clergy, buildings, and distinctive doctrines: The Church of England. 2. (the Church) the hierarchy of clergy of a Christian organization, especially the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England. 3. Institutionalized religion as a political or social force: the separation of church and state. This is how the western world today views the church, but is this what the writers of the New Testament intended? Is this what Jesus intended when He told Peter that upon this rock I will build My Church? Or did our Lord really mean His ekklesia? His “congregation”.

So now we are going to move through the scriptures and see if we can find elsewhere the word ekklesia and see how it was used. Let’s start with the oldest text, the Old Testament. When you search in the Old Testament, the word congregation, you will find verse after verse the usage of this word, but I’m just going to for now use a couple of verses for the sake of this study. For the sake of your own research however, feel free to look at all the different verses the word congregation is used in the OT and how it was used. Let’s look at Psalms 22:22

Psalms 22:22 I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee.

Let’s now look at the word congregation in the Strong’s. Transliterated Word qahal. Strong’s Definition: assemblage (usually concretely): – {assembly} {company} {congregation} multitude. So we see where the definition fits or matches the the definition for ekklesia, but what word was used by the translators of the Septuagint, when they translated this from Hebrew to Greek? I have a copy of the Septuagint, and you can get one to for free in your App Store for your phone, to see for yourself. To be continued.

A Short History of the Bible

Have you ever wondered how the Bible came to be as we know it today? To be very honest with you, I never really thought to much about that in the past. All I really knew was, that the Old Testament was translated from the Hebrew text, and the New Testament was translated from the Greek. Well this will be a short history of the Bible, so we can better understand it’s origins for the purpose of this study.

I will start around the time period third century B.C., with the Septuagint. The Septuagint arose in the 3rd and 2nd B.C, when the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament was translated into the Greek language. The name Septuagint comes from the Latin word for seventy. The tradition is that 70 or (72) Jewish scholars were the translators behind Septuagint. The Septuagint is also known as LXX ( which is the Roman numeral “70”). The scholars worked in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus (283-247 BC). According to the Letter of Aristeas, called so because it was a letter addressed from Aristeast to his brother Philocrates. They assembled to translate the Hebrew Law and books of the Testament, into the Greek language because Kione Greek began to supplant Hebrew as the language most commonly spoken by the Jewish people during the Hellenistic Period. I will be covering the Hellenistic Period latter in this study. The Septuagint was often used by New Testament writers when they quoted from the Old Testament. The Septuagint was the translation of the Old Testament that was used by the early congregation of believers.

The New Testament (45 -95 AD) was written in Greek. Here is the time periods of some of the books in the New Testament, the Epistles of Paul, the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke, and the book of Acts are all dated from 45-63 AD. The Gospel of John and the book of Revelation may have been written as late as 95 AD.

Early translations of the New Testament. Here I will now jump up in time to around 380 AD, The Latin Vulgate. The Latin Vulgate was translated by St. Jerome. He translated into Latin the Old Testament from the Hebrew and the New Testament from the Greek. The Latin Vulgate became the Bible of the Western Church until the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s. It continues to be the authoritative translation of the Roman Catholic Church to this day, and is not authoritative scripture and should not be read by anyone, I apologize if you are Catholic and reading this, my intent is not to offend anyone, my intent with this study is to inform people of the truths of scripture. If you are of the Catholic faith I urge you to research the history of your faith, and draw your own conclusions about the Catholic Church, not what you are being told. However this study is not about the Catholic Church so I will move on.

Now we will jump ahead to 1380 A.D. The first English translation of the Bible was by John Wycliffe. He translated the Bible into English from the Latin Vulgate. This was a translation from a translation and was not a translation from the Hebrew or the Greek. Wycliffe was forced to translate from the Latin Vulgate because he did not know Latin or Greek. In 1456 A.D. Gutenberg produced the first printed Bible in Latin. Printing revoultionized the way books were made. From now on books could be published in great numbers and at a lower cost. Notice the English translations began right around the close of the Middle Ages (the Dark Ages), I believe God had His hand in that for sure, it began a new time of learning, which is what we are still doing to this time. Moving forward to 1514 A.D. The Greek New Testament was printed for the first time by Erasmus. He based his Greek New Testament from only five Greek manuscripts, the oldest of which dated back only as far as the twelfth century. With minor revisions , Erasmus’ Greek New Testament came to be known as the Textus Receptus or the “received texts.” In 1522 A.D. Polyglot Bible was published. The Old Testament was in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin and the New Testament in Latin and Greek. Erasmus used the Polyglot to revise later editions of his New Testament. Tyndale, which many will recognize this name from Tyndale House Publishing, a publisher of many Bibles we read today, he made use of the Polyglot in his translation on the Old Testament into English which he did not complete because he was martyred in 1534. Then we get to 1611 A.D. The King James Version into English from the original Hebrew and Greek. The King James translators of the New Testament used the Textus Receptus as the basis for their translations. The Bible I use today.

I will be talking more about the early English translations throughout this study, but that should give everyone who did not know the history behind the Bible’s we have today, a better knowledge now. I did not cover the New translations available today, because I do not use them for study. So now when I may refer to, example, the Septuagint everyone will now know what I’m referring to. So that concludes this post, until next time.


Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Troy, and What I want to reveal in this blog is a hidden truth. A truth in scripture, that was known at one time by the Apostles, and the early congregation of believers, but now has become lost over time by man’s false theologies and doctrines. A truth only a few have found, compared to the number of Christians in the world today. This blog will be a on going study of God’s Word, not an article, or just someone’s opinion. So I hope you will join me on this journey. It will be a long and rather extensive study, but so well worth it in the end.

Due to my busy schedule I will only be able to write to this blog about twice a week. Some posts will be longer than others, it just will depend on my time available that day. I hope you follow along, and do your research, don’t take my word for anything, but study to see it for yourself. If you do follow along, please use a King James Version Bible only. No other translations will be of any benefit because you can’t use the Strong’s Concordance with them. The next thing you will need is of course a Strong’s Concordance. I have an app on my phone by Tecarta, it’s the Strong’s and King James Bible combined, and it’s free. You can’t beat that.

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